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Indegestion/ Heartburn

hey ladies, quick question is it normal to suffer from indegestion/heartburn at 17 weeks? i know its a fairly common symptom of pregnany but this early? i asked the GP about it yesterday and he said it could also be related to stress, which would make sense as Sunday night it was dreadful and i was very worked up but last night not so bad and the indegestion/hartburn wasnt so bad, its usually at night when i get into bed, i have trouble sleeping throughout the week without my man anyway but as soon as i settle down its there. I remember when my big cousin was pregnant she always had a bottle of gavascon with her but she said she'd been told not to have too much of it, is there anything i can take for it? i have never ever suffered with this or being bloated before pregnancy so a bit nieve about all of it sorry.

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I'm 18 weeks and have started suffering with heartburn already. It started much later on during my first pregnancy so who knows if pregnancy is causing it now! Stress does sound like a culprit in your case, I'm eating much more often which I thought could contribute.

Anyway, gaviscon is fine in pregnancy (I practically stuck a straw in a bottle and carried it everywhere with me when carrying my son!). Some find milk helpful and I used to find peppermint tea eased the burn a little.

I saw on your blog that you're going to be starting counselling which might help if if is stress related, or at least postpone it for another month or 2!

I hope you find some relief x


yes just waiting on the call about an appt about my councelling, always struggled with anxiety and depression but with added pregnancy hormones im worst than ever, dont get me wrong i finally feel ready to have a baby and finally found the right man :) so im over the moon to be pregnant.

Ive heard that about milk and i quite enjoy milk so thats a good option forgot all about that but like i said last night it calmed a little and my boyo is back Friday night so i should sleep well over the weekend, i'd put up with the cover steeling and lying in the middle of the bed to have him home every night

x x x


I ave had very bad hearburn fom week 10. Stress does not help.

I started with drinking milk, but I now have gestational diabetes so can't drink too much.

I now take gaviscon which is perfectly safe in pregnancy.

I keep propped up on many pillows this helps a lot alot not eating too late :)


ok, think that may have helped slightly last night as i ate slightly earlier and didnt snack, but untill told otherwise think im going to try the milk, coz i do like fizzy drinks but i'll swap to milk and vimto (not together) to see if that changes anything



I got it in early pregnancy say from week 8! And when I was in bed. ..dr gave me gaviscon which helped lots. . It's eased now but still get it slightly now and again.. gaviscon is great stuff but get the peppermint the aniseed is yuck x


I am 20 weeks and just started to get it. Yuk so unpleasant! Doctor gave me gaviscon and said there is no problem taking it when pregnant x


Am 19 weeks, got its from 14 weeks on and off. For the past week its every day. Don't eat after 7pm, Gaviscon helps. I try to drink lot of water.


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