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bleeding after passing motion...Anybody pls help me

for the few days i have been seeing little blood in my stool but it was not clear whenever i tried to check it by toilet tissues i never found blood so i was relax that it was just my misunderstanding but today i saw clear red blood after passing motion ..i am having contipation but whenever i go to toilet i pass little watery type motion but when i tried to pass more i feel difficult to pass ....tommarow ,i have my GP appointment,my midwife cell phone is off ....i am alone in home getting too tense about it !!!!!

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Wow, its like someone is telling my story from the weekend i was struggling so much on friday to move my bowels when i finally did it hurt and there was blood in the loo and on the tissue, i has some pains aswell, sunday it became more runny went to A and E yesterday and had the heartbeat checked he also checked my urine sample, he informed me it is so common in pregnant woman he checked it there and then and told me there was no blood in my sample therefore it wasnt vaginal and was coming from my bowels. It is so scary but i feel alot better today and that is usually what it is, the doctor spoke to me about my diet (which i know at times is poor) bran flakes and fruit he suggested, he also said fibregel is safe to use in pregnancy.

It is probably just another joy of pregnancy but if you are concerned go to A and E and get checked out i worried they would think i was being silly but he was lovely

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could be you have overflow where the stool is stuck inside and watery poo is passing it and coming out...if you can pop to your pharmacist and get some gylcerin suppositories they will, its like a bullet shape, check with pharmacist that its ok to use when pregnant and wet it before hand and it will be a bit tricky but push into your back passage and wait for as long as you will soften the stool and will help it pop out much easier, but pls check you can use in pregnancy as im not sure hope it works for you x


thanks both of u for the suggestions...i thought i am the only one suffering from it but now feel little relax after reading post by you Flossy...just pray for my tommarow's GP appointment that everything will be fine and i will also be happy like you !!!


I had this last week, I'm on iron tablets as well so makes my poo hard, ouch! So last week for the first time I bled:( but not since


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