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yet another post............ but not moaning this time

yesterday i rushed over to A and E to get myself checked out after some bleeding and pains, The hospital GP was one of the loveliest people ive met throughout this experience didnt rush with anything and talked through a lot with me.

First thing he said was right lets show you the heartbeat and after a few minutes of searching i heard it, a huge smile from me, the GP, my cousin who came with me and a cheeky little giggle off her 1 year old who was with us aswell.

The GP also recommended seeking advice from my GP over all my concerns and anxiety, which i did, saw them yesterday evening and steps are in place to receive some councelling.

The Thankyou is for all you lovely ladies who have shared their kind words, experiences and advice with me. Without the words i wouldnt have felt comfortable to go ahead and get checked out without feeling silly and today im feeling a lot better i know i still have a way to go but im feeling more positive and only 3 weeks 3 days to go and i get to see baba again and find out pink or blue.

Thankyou again :)

x x x

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That's great news, and I'm pleased we got you there in the end :) positive thoughts from now on :)


i'll try i promise and a massive thankyou to you personally x x x

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Well done Hun. Look forward to hearing whether pink or blue, we are all here constantly for support anytime day or night. Xx


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