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Stimulating breasts ready for breast feeding?

I've heard massaging your breasts( not sure of technique ) with warm flannels before giving birth can help with ease of breast feeding when baby arrives.

Also that trying out a breast pump a few days leading up to the birth may help?

Is either correct?

Is there any way of helping the process ? Tips greatly recieved.

I'm having on ELCS this week:-)

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I am not too sure about the flannels but I am sure I have read on here before don't use a pump before, I could be wrong and could of imagined it and am sure there are people here that may correct me but I believe I read using a pump before wont help or do any good but again I am not sure about the flannels. sorry cant be of any more help, x


In my area there is a breast feeding class I can go to, also I googled and there is lot of information on what to do, hand massaging the breast is one of them :)


the first milk you get it colostrum its like gold top and at first you will only produce a tiny bit, it wont feel like any but apparently it is so rich your baby only needs a small amount..i think if you use a pump before then you would use all that up and just produce blue top so to speak...the best way i found is just to let baby keep sucking and then your milk will start to come in its then when they fill up its like partner called my boobs beanbags! charming and yes it can be a bit painful but a warm bath usually gets your milk flowing, its when they are engorged it can get painful because they are so full up, and if baby misses the feed, they can feel like rocks..once you have established a regular feeding pattern it settles down, once your milk has come in then express away to get rid of extra milk and stick it in the freezer! im so gutted i gave away my electric breast pump best thing ever could get nearly a whole bottle in such little time...some people get on fine with hand pump but i never did xx


We (as midwives) recommend something called colostrum harvesting from 36 weeks its where you HAND express (no pump aloud) and collect the very important colostrum into small syringes and freeze them, this helps you build up lots of colostrum and it means you can give this to baby (you or anyone else) after your section when you may be tired and not ready to breast feed. Look it up or ask your midwife so she can give you the syringes, I highly recommend it. Good luck with your section :)


Just read some info on colostrum harvesting. .. think I may give it a go, said it's a good idea of mum had gd.... Just hope my local chemists do the syringes, but Def will try :)


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