Bubbles. .or baby

I'm 14 weeks+3 and have started to feel well what I think is the bubbles what u feel when u first feel baby move have felt it a few times now and think ohhh is that it or my bowel, didn't think u could feel it this early!! I know one mum on here who is having twins has felt them early which is understandable, just wondering how early u have felt the bubbles? ??

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I didn't feel it till about 19 weeks but obviously everyone is different and everyones body is different so it might well be your baby, although when I asked my midwife she said you may not feel till 20 weeks but u could feel it as early as 16 weeks and I got worried as I didn't feel anything till about 19 weeks and even then it wasn't regular but now at 21+2 it is, if it is ur baby it is a great feeling.

Im 13+wks & feel something like "flutter" style sentations occasionally. Im not very sure though as i was also a Lil bloated about 2wks ago which just made me feel full of gas.

Is this your 1st child?

I believe its possible to feel some things earlier than usual after the 1st pregnancy.

No my 5th..but can't remember when I felt baby moving last time...you forget these amazing little things so quickly...wish I'd written it all down !

Hiya Babymother, I am 14weeks 2 days and I had exactly that last Friday ( i thought it was trapped wind but in the front) and it was like bubbling, weird feeling. I was just sat at my computer working (well kind of) and it went on for about 10 minutes.

I felt my 2nd moving around 16 weeks. I am tempted to get a doppler this time.

I keep thinking about a Doppler but I'm such a panicker if I couldn't pick heart beat up then I'd worry, ahhh it's a nice feeling long forgotten feeling the first movements x

Get a Doppler it's brilliant, angel sounds from amazon :)

I agree with skybluebosten. I took her advice and ordered one. Comes tomorrow. Can't wait x

WOW 5Th child :-)

Yeah its easily forgotton when you do feel those 1st movements. Im having my 2nd but i cant figure out if i felt the same things i felt around this time with my 1st.

I can't wait:) xx

Hey, I think I started to feel definate movement from about 18 weeks, I played music to belly initially and within a few days I was feeling baby all thd time with me having to encourage. I was suspicious about bubbles but definitely not as early as 14wks, I would say I had my suspicions around the 16-17 wk mark but yeah I thought it gas! Now I know it was gas when I get these baby bubbles it's totally different xxx

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