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Really bad weekend, sorry to moan on yet again, just wondering if anyone has had the same

hello, I know i moan alot on here about any little thing but ive had a terrible weekend, Friday evening when i got home after a horrible day anyway, i really needed the loo (no 2 sorry for TMI) i tried my hardest to go and it ended up being the tiniest thing and when i wiped there was blood everywhere, im pretty sure it is from straining too hard, then Saturday and i had to come to work, (i dont work saturdays) but was unable to get my work done on Friday due to how busy i was, i then went into town afterwards and was having pains not unbearable but pains but after something to eat felt a little better, the pains eased off, yesterday i woke up at 9am and felt like id been hit by a lorry headache and sickness but not actually being sick, i managed some breakfast and then i went back to bed and slept for a few hours, when i woke up it was lunchtime still feeling ill managed some lunch but again the headache was unbearable and ended up sleeping again till about 4pm, with absolutely no energy and waking up with a hot flush, last week around midweek i thought i felt the baby like little bubbles and had it a fe times since but after thinking about it yesterday i felt absolutely nothing all day. I did not sleep at all last night through worry and i have come into work this morning and broke down in tears as i still dont feel anything no twinges or anything and what was a bump seems a lot smaller, and my boss has called to say she is leaving next week and in the 18 months ive been here this is the 5th boss ive had they are the ones the client books the appts with and i know even though she is being replaced its going to be endless weeks of diary rearranging and clients getting very angry at me all over again and i just dont think i can handle it, me and my partner are struggling to stay in touch at the moment as he is away in the army and im at my wits end had my appt with my midwife a few weeks ago and she was dreadful so i dont feel i can contact her for any kind of support or reassurance i know im making myself ill again, i suffer from anxiety and had depression in the past, im 17 weeks and 1 day and i just fell there is something wrong and i dont know what to do for the best.....

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Oh hun sounds like ur in a right muddle. .u need to chill if u do too much it will make u ill. . Ur body is taking everything from u look after baby so u need look after ur self, with work what can u do make it easier? Tell everyone to ef off? Only joking. .Just be straight with clients and tell them ur doing ur best to accommodate them and ur pregnant and them being crap with u is not helping, sometimes if u let them know that u are a human being at the end of the phone it helps. .u won't feel baby move all the time so early on but if u are concerned then ring the hosp epu dept u won't have speak to ur midwife, they can get u in and check u over, must be hard going thru this with ur man away, try and keep ur chin up xxx


You need to see a different midwife or go to the early pregnancy unit or go to the doctors to have the heartbeat listened to, this will put your mind at ease.

At 17 weeks I didn't feel much movement at all, just bubbles etc, so you definitely won't feel baby move everyday as there is so much room still.

Also sounds like wok is too much, could you take a few days holiday? Discuss how you are feeling with your boss and ask or help at work?

If you have stopped taking anti depressants maybe you need to go back on them, discuss with your doc.

Must be sooooo hard with partner being away, try and surround yourself with people that will help and look out for you.

Good luck Hun, it will get better xxx


hey ladies,

OK so i couldn't sit round crying and doing nothing, so i rang someone to cover the phones and drove myself to the A and E and my cousin met me there. I was seen by the hospital GP who out of all the people i have seen with my panicking he was lovely, didnt rush me and answered all the questions i had to ask as well as looking for the heartbeat for me and after a few minutes it was there nice and strong, he went through my diet, my anxiety and depression and any other questions i had, he cooed over my cousins little girl and gave me some of his experiences from when his children were little. He suggested the first thing i needed to do was contact my GP about counselling as i valued his opinion i rang my GP straight away, ended up with an emergency appointment with who turned out to be the doctor my mum always asks to see, she was lovely and she has put me forward for counselling straight away after talking through everything as well as a move forward with the quitting smoking.

she has suggested that i sign myself off sick but im only in till Thursday this week and im worried that if i leave things as they are they will just escalate and i have a very good work friend at another branch who has offered to come and help me especially with the difficult clients as she is a 6ft fiery red head and isnt scared of them like me.

i have managed to talk to my partner this afternoon and we have managed to talk through a few bits feel a bit better and now im looking forward to seeing him for his passing out parade on Friday from his phase 2 training from the army, so proud of him hes come such a long way.

As for the midwife ive taken steps to swap mine to another one just not happy with her at all

so as they say every cloud has a silver lining, things have been horrible but i got to hear my little Beans heartbeat only 3 weeks 4 days till i see my little one again and find out whether its pink or blue.

x x x


I'm so glad that you've been able to put your mind at ease, and yup I've had some good and bad dealings with midwifes throughout mine, and bumpkins journey. Sounds like you've got a fab GP. You can also be booked into pregnancy relaxation classes via your Gp, which work cannot stop you from going to because its part of your antenatal care. I wish that our local sports Centre wasn't being re built at the time as I would have loved to have gone to aqua natal, but I found going for an evening swim now and then really help me to chill out. Big hugs to you xxx


oh i love swimming wasnt sure if it was safe tho but if its ok will definately something i will take up x x x


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