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sharp pain???

hi, im 21 weeks pregnant and I have been getting a sharp/throbbing pain at the bottom left side of my stomach, it lasts about 5-10 minutes, I have been getting it now and again (usually about once a week) since I have been 15 weeks, I had a scan at 16 weeks 6 days then a scan at 20 weeks everything is fine and baby is growing well. just wondering if any one else has had this pain?

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I'm 24 weeks and have had this occasionally too, I generally have put it down to insides stretching or trapped indigestion. I have no idea if that's what it is though.


do you have this aswell, its worring when have the pain but at scans everything is fine so yeah it must just be down to insides stretching or trapped indigestion,

a few times the pain has came on after I have bn doing house duties or bathing my kids, maybe something to do with me bending?


Did you tell the sonographer? Have you told any medical staff? If not, this may be wise.

Otherwise, I had a similar feeling down both sides around the same time and it turned out to be the muscles stretching to make room for my growing baby. It's gone since, which is a relief. x


I have this too, usually after doing housework or twisting or stretching. I looked into it online and talked to my midwife and both gave the answer of it being round ligament pain from my growing bump and ligaments having to stretch. If you're worried, speak to your midwife. They are there to help with whatever queries you have. :)


Hi, I also get small sharp pains in my left and right side of my lower stomach when movig about or standing up too quickly it soon fades though im 17 weeks on wednesday so will have a chat with the midwife at 20 wk scan but im sure is fine :) xx


thanks for the replys :)

yeah I said to the sonography, she just said it will be down to stretching as everything is fine with scan and baby is growing well,

ive got midwife tommorrow so I will say to her,


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