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Has anyone actually had negative urine and blood tests and turned out they are pregnant?

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Hi, I'm 7+ weeks since start of lmp, had some spotting last weekend and have a lot of symptoms of pregnancy however both urine and blood tests have come back negative.

Waiting to have a Hsg however if I was pregnant but tests weren't showing up and I had this it would be dangerous......I don't know whether to go to my gp (who is excellent and has sent me for several tests) and request an ultrasound....does this sound reasonable? I don't want to seem as if I am mad thinking I am pregnant but I just want to make 100% sure before I have is other test....!

If anyone else has had similar experience where they have had neg tests but been pregnant please can you comment and let me know how you got on.

Many thanks in advance :)

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Heard of pregnancy test being a false negative. . But not blood test, no harm in going to ur g.p to make sure before u have the test x

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Not sure how but it is possible to have a false negative blood test. Years ago before I knew for sure that I was pregnant I had all the signs. Doc ordered blood test and it came back negative a week later we found out I was 2 mo pregnant. Now I am once again having all the signs and 38 days late. Have taken several hpt and every time there is a very faint line. went to drs, faint line there as well. Took blood test and it came back negative. Going crazy! Just want to know.

Hi Shan1313,

I know it is frustrating as I'm in a similar situation. Could you tell us how you found out, the first time that you were pregnant? You stated that even after a negative blood test, a week later you "found out" you were 2 mos along. I've tested and tested out of the wazzoo but everything is negative. I'm not sure how to describe it except a "sixth sense" that something was up. Now I feel movement in my belly. I've look up the different ways women have described their movement who have an actual "confirmed" pregnancy, and my feelings are the same. Saturday, while resting on the couch, I felt a kick on my left side. My tummy wasn't upset and so it wasn't gas. It was like a punch! Other than that, I felt rumblings off and on throughout the rest of the weekend. Prior to that, I was only feeling little flutters. This absolutely amazes me as I have 2 older children and I've NEVER experienced this before! I'm scheduled to meet with a mid-wife on tomorrow. Hopefully we can get some answers. Before this, I tried talking to my docs office, but it's like, once they see you've tested negative for hpt, they're reluctant to test anymore. I have had a negative blood test early on but now it's been 4 months later. I know my hormones have been out of whack which could explain the negative tests (low hcg). Anywho, it's definitely in God's hands how this works out but I was simply curious as to how you "found out".

HI--am 45 yrs old. many HPT's (Neg), (2) Blood Test (Neg)...blood tested for other reasons my menstrual cycle late (28+ days). usually regular--on the spot--cycle. Had so many pregnancy symptoms--especially false cramps for 3 weeks...I have (1) child 9 yrs old...still feel I might be pregnant but so frustrated, sad, and feel like I am going out of my mind bc I swear I was but ALL test say otherwise...there is something about this that is spiritual, if really true, there is a reason. i was not intentionally trying to get pregnant. I don't know if it is wishful thinking.....or just skipping period bc of age???

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Hi there. I know you left this post a few months ago, but what did you find out? I am 44 think I am going crazy, have all the symptoms, I even leak colostrum and I know that's not in my head. I had blood tests done for both pregnancy and menopause and both came back negative. Is nature just playing cruel jokes on us?

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Hi I am 44 years old gave up on wanting to have a baby with my husband for a long time it's been years past three-and-a-half to four months I've been going through all these symptoms of peeing all the time exhausted even take a nap sleeping day in and day out even the belly extended putting on weight way at the bottom took a pregnancy test came back negative and blood work also came back negative it's not like I was thinking about it I actually had put it out of my mind for a long time many years to be exact and it's like God's playing some kind of like cruel joke on me but my father my body still feels like I am pregnant I even feel the flutters in my belly has anybody had these symptoms and went and felt the same way

I've noticed easel like two three and four years ago is there anybody recent like now or real recent within this year going through this

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I am

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I'm 7days late feel pregnant but no positive tests :(

Yes I'm going through this

I'm 45 going through the something right now did you have a baby

Did you ever get a positive?

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hi im 42 an been trying to conceive now 4 nearly 4 yrs am 10 days late an as regular as clockwork every 25 days doc said yest was in early stages of menopause dont believe that as this is the only time i,ve ever been this late , have done 2 clear blue tests both were neg also doc did urine sample yest neg too an getting results for blood test tommorow hopefully i will be pregnant but if not will wait another wk , very tired , tingling boobs an backache an sore hips , i,ve heard docs saying b4 its the early stages of menopause an has turned out they are pregnant , it has happened to 2 people in my family so dont be put of by this xc

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What happened to you? I'm in a similar situation now....

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Im going through the same thing rt now. Neg blood meg urine. All symptoms fetal movements. I feel something spiritual is going on. Its happening to alot of women these days. These babies are being hidden for a reason.

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Hi dcpurp, wondering what you meant by these babies are Being hidden for a reason? Having some of these symptoms and just was curious. Thanks

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Im with u on that a 100%

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So u was pregnant??

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ikr I'm so frustrated

Hi there. I have had the exact same thing about 4 years ago. I wanted to be pregnant so bad and after a lot of tests. Found out I had a softball cyst in my abdomen. Dr described it as a waterballoon in my tummy!! It was butterfly flutters a lot at the time of when a baby moved. I had it removed and for a while i would get phantom pain in the surgery cite. Did u ever found out what is going on?

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Simply Going Thru This Now Did U Find Anything Out Were U Pregnant ?

Same. Here but im threw menopause no. Periods for years or at least not more than a day very light on monthly but was told was vaginal wall . but no partner either until 5 months ago all sign but test shows possitve blood or urine . and runs in family not showing until at least 2 or three months doctors think im crazy . but feel movement and when on my side more . I very confused . if I can't get doctors to believe.. What can we do . hopes and prayers. I call this babies who play hide n seek

I am having similar problems all my test including blood test are coming back negative and my drs wont even consider doing ultrasound because if the negative results but im feeling movements and nausea and tired all the time and my stomachache is getting hard at the top but i am still having my periods and blood clots but no one is helping and my fiancee keeps saying that i am pregnant can someone please help me.

If you having periods and negative tests then you're not pregnant. No offence but why would your fiancée know that you're pregnant?

You can always get a ultrasound privately if you feel it's necessary

Actually it is possible to have periods while pregnant my soon to be mother inlaw and sister inlaw had that happen with all three of their pregnancys.

And my fiancee know cause he keeps saying that somethings are changing with my body.

Periods throughout pregnancy are possible but it's very unusual. Did she has negative tests? I doubt it.

Never heard of anyone being pregnant with a negative test (it can take a few days to reach a high enough hormone to be detectable)

Yes they both had negative test till 5 months and im only 3 months

Shows how ignorant people are, they think pregnancy tests are all there is. Then they talk condescending to you, if you don't agree that you're not pregnant. My best friend did that to me. Now she's been kicked out of my life.

It is very possible to have periods throughout pregnancy and actually extremely common in individuals with other health conditions. Hormonal epilepsy runs in our family and that tends to alter hormone levels....thus resulting in negative blood and urine. Also people carrying twins or multiples can sometimes have too high of hcg levels to show up as a positive. Alot of the time...they are confirmed by ultra sound only. My daughter suffers from extreme epilepsy and was having 7 to 9 Grand Mal seizures a day for the past 2 years. We thought we were going to lose her and were devastated as we had lost our little boy already at 4 years of age. Her tests kept coming back negative but she keeps growing and now at 16 weeks is just starting to feel movement. They were refusing here in British Columbia to do an ultrasound due to negatives. I took her to a reflexologist/acupuncturist with 30 years training and she confirmed a pregnancy. She advised us to go to a 3D ultrasound place and pay the money ourselves and have the scan done. That is our next step. I should also put out there....for anyone who suffers from this....that it was a blessing. The reflexologist noted that since conception...her hormones were changed and she has been seizure free since April now. God works in miraculous ways!

Where do u get a private us? Also, many women bleed monthly with a cryptic or hidden pregnancy, and it is "like" menstrual bleeding. Two good definitions are seen if you google 1)cryptic pregnancy, Closer magazine, and2) Dr Bryan Jick, cryptic pregnancy. Dr Oz and The Doctors have had episodes on this, with expert ob gyn docs commenting. It occurs in 1 out of 450 pregnancies. The urine and blood tests are neg because of low hcg, hormone imbalance etc.

What they are mentioning here as cryptic preg. Is women not knowing they are pregnant till very late on or prior to delivery which is a known fact. Getting monthly bleeds also known to happen. What other people on this link call cryptic preg. Is pregnancies lasting for 2 years having ultrasounds with babies not being visible etc... Which doesn't make sense.

As for private ultrasound- you need to either Google your area or check for private hospitals in your area

I am going through the same thing now...

For me the drs have been treating me like im stupid and they did an ultra sound at my bladder and the dr even said there is ur bladder if there was a baby u could see it above the bladder after i told her it was higher up but she didnt listen and answered her phone infront of me and said she had more important things to take care of.

The womb is actually very low down in the pelvis and is behind the bladder. I can not comment about what happened but the womb grows from low down in the pelvis into the abdomen and not the other way round. If you are not convinced you can always get a private ultrasound for a second opinion

Hi I'm new here would like to share my story with you all. I'm 36 yrs, have had several MC's over the years and that's because most doctors only rely on a positive pregnancy test to approve a pregnancy and caused my multiple MC's from believing them rather than listening to my body. I've learnt that tests aren't always right and also doctors not discrediting either cause they are designed to fail sometimes. Last year I experience the worst baby symptoms known to human where I had doctors telling me left and right I'm not pregnant until today those same doctors marvel I'm 38weeks and counting how this went unnoticed for so long I'd bleed on time even this very minute and no hcg levels to indicate a pregnancy exist even to this date but there's the evidence of expected birth in two weeks due and confirmed via MRI whether it's cryptic or whatever name they wish to call it I call it the Will Of God this is my miracle. Baby dust to all of you listen to your body before accepting your diagnosis, good luck. :)

Hi I’m new here, This is my story. I am 51 years old and will be 52 early in November. Up until April this year I’ve had regular periods each month, with the exception of the occasional period running into the next month. On July 8th I figure I fell pregnant ( had all

The symptoms of pregnancy, had unuasualy uncomfortable cramps in my lower stomach and excruciating pain in my lower back on and off for a couple weeks. ( I figure this was implantation ) then I felt fine until a couple days before August 14 at which time I figure I had a missed miscarriage ( but not entirely sure ) bleeding was moderate 2-3 days much like my regular period. With the exception of stronger pain, cramping in my lower stomach & back, and the presence of blood clots. ( my regular period is usually painless, no clotting, light and 3-5 days long ) If in fact I did miscarry I would have been 5 and half weeks pregnant at that time. ( I done a couple hpt. during this time that showed up negative for pregnancy ). I went on about my life figuring I miss carried and that was that ! Fast forward to now October 13, 2018. Since the suspected miscarriage I am still experiencing all the symptoms of pregnancy nauseous, tender and swollen breasts, larger belly, plus the feelings of movement, fluttering in my stomach. I’ve had two previous pregnancies so I know how to distinguish gas from other movements. ( my previous two children were conceived at age 38 & 40 ) I wasn’t trying to become pregnant and thought I was in menopause since my last period was in April of 2018. After dismissing the fact that I could possibly be pregnant, just couple days ago I went to the Emergency Department with a feeling of light cramps and heaviness in my lower abdomen ( like I was about to drop something from my vagina at any time. They done urine test and blood test that both turned up negative for pregnancy. In fact 0 % on the blood test. When I asked the doctor if I was pregnant he looked at me like I was nuts ! As I replied “ that is so weird “ because I feel so incredibly pregnant. I asked him to make an apointment for a sonogram for me. If I am in fact pregnant I would be about 15 weeks along. Right around the time when you would normally start feeling the flutters and movements of a pregnancy. The doctors think I’m nuts, my husband thinks I’m nuts ... I’m seriously starting to question myself lol 😂 I guess the sonogram will tell the tail .. But I swear I look and feel pregnant. I also have a tilted uterus and some say even the sonogram can overlook a pregnancy. I will post an update after I get my sonogram. Don’t dispair you are not nuts .. and if you are you have plenty of company it seems lol. Just trying to trust my body and what it is telling me, God and time will tell. Best of luck to you all and hope you get the answers you are looking for real soon.

Hai did you finally know if you are pregnant,im in the same situation and my appointment with my gynae is in January

Was you pregnant? Xx

I'm 16, and I've been having very unusual feelings in my lower right side of my stomach, like ice or something and butterfly feeling since yesterday and I have headaches and for some reason when I sit on my couch for a long period of hours or two, when I stand up my usual blackouts last way longer than the usual minute or two and my legs feel like the muscles are giving out and they start to shake badly and then I fall. I've never had these feelings in my stomach or my leg muscles do that before, and when the blavk out thing is over I get a massive headache and my face and head feels like its on fire. Can anyone please explain to me what is going on with me?... And I can't go to my mom again because she thinks I'm crazy and we can't afford a doc appt. To see if I'm pregnant, its been 9 weeks and three days since I last had sex, I'm just now getting cramps and the cold icey like feeling is moving up into the middle of my stomach and near my rib cage

Go to a different doctor . I'm the same way. Just the way you are. I'm so confused.

I swear I’m goin thru the same thing like I hate the fact they won’t give me an ultrasound that solves everything

Hello I’m going through the same thing I’m bleeding with blood clots as well did you happen to be pregnant?

I'm have those same feeling & I went to the doctor and it came out negative with blood work N urine test. But I'm so confused cause I'm having all the symptoms of being pregant. && I'm feeling something on my left side as well. Only there.

I gotta look for a new doctor.

Its so weird cauae I'm going with the same thing. I'm confused, my doctor said I wasn't pregnant with the blood work it came out negative & also when I went to the hospital they did urin test it came out negative as well, but I'm having all these symptoms of pregnancy. That now I'm feeling something move as I drink water. My boobs even feel heavy. I just don't know what to do . idk if anyone else have gone through this.What's your advice on this. ? I even did a T Scan test ans nothing. I'm just worried and confused .

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Did you have ultrasound? All my urine tests are negative but ultrasound d showed five weeks. Doctor thinks I am going to miscarry.

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Listen I’m going Thur the same thing it’s like they make you feel as tho your going crazy it makes no since give me a ultrasound to shut me up

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hi Did you Have Your baby?

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Go for a ultrasound thats watvim doin today..have d same prob as urself

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@dirtyknock what happened with your ultrasound?

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What Did Your Ultrasound say

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Hiya, I'm 17 and got all the symptoms, I've done 5 tests and they've all come back negative but still having all the same symptoms, I was late but now bleeding..day 1 was light but day 2&3 (yesterday and today) are heavy..any advice?:(

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it probably your period a late or missed period doesn't always mean your pregnant. stress and your diet can also dictate how your period flows.

My granddaughter who would of been 5 months all her test showed negative until was in 5 month and yes was a baby and some women bleed when pregnant I have a daughter bleed whole time but bed rest .I think u could be just keep testing or blood test threw planed parent care

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But u have already experience this before right? Then what u did last to came to know that u r pragnet ? Do this again and tell me too plz

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My situation is very similar to yours. I am 43 days late on having my period. I took 4 pregnancy tests they all came out negative. Even had my doctor do a blood test which was also negative. I am experiencing cramping, nausea,fatigue, cravings and gained some weight. I swear I feel like I am pregnant. I have two kids and know that I have to be pregnant but tests say otherwise. I am going crazy not knowing what's going on. My periods are normally regular and never late. I am only 27. I don't understand why I would miss a period but have a negative urine and blood test

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This is happening to me im worried

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IM having the same issue right now and I don’t know what’s going on but it seems to be that I’m 9weeks but still nothing

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Hi Keikeii,

I am having similar symptoms. Are you pregnant?

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I’m going Thur that right now I truly feel pregnant but my doc like well your not it came up negative I’m like my stomach is getting hard my period has not been like a period I been have the prego symptoms

I was about 2 weeks after my period was due before I had a pos pregnancy test. My doctor refused to do a blood test as told me it wasn't funded on NHS. After over 2 weeks late I had an extremely feint positive preg test and wasn't until 3 weeks late it was clearly positive. Maybe give yourself a few more days and then test again. Maybe make a dr appt for later this week now. That way if you get a pos test in the meantime u will still want to go to the dr to let them know an I still nothing you can ask that they help you look for answers x

At 7+ weeks a scan would show the baby, ask you midwife to send you to your EPAU.

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What's epau

At 7+ weeks a scan would show the baby, ask you midwife to send you to your EPAU.

I didn't have positive results till I was 7 months. Was never offered a scan though to check as I wasnt showing till I got to 7 months and even then I looked like I was no further than 3 months. I was never sick, no movement an I didn't gain much weight. Incredibly uncommon but it can happen. I'd ask for a scan.

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Hi jellybeans while u were still waiting during that space of 7month did u have ur menstrual flow at anytime?

in reply to dazzling

Yes, it was however lighter and shorter than normal. That was the only change I had x

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It seems an having that experience right now my period is shorter n very light. Nits always late by weeks, dis is d third month am experiencing this although I took d urine test 2months ago n was negative but I kept on adding weight n my tommy is getting big I feel sick all d time n some food irritate me.. am really worried

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I have an underlying condition lets say, which is why I didn't get positive results until so late on. If you are worried, go to your local hospital and explain your situation. I pushed for an emergency scan and was seen the same day, that'll confirm if you are pregnant.

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Thanks dear I would do that... I would b glad if it comes out positive

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What condition if you don't mind me asking it has been 64 days since the first day of my last period and it only lasted 3 days and wasn't even heavy enough to use anything but I've had several negative hpt and a negative blood test

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I stupidly can not remember the name, but I have a different type of haemoglobin (I don't have sickle cell but the traits of someone who does) and my blood has less of everything I need. I'm not sure how that links with a urine test, but the doctors said I will always have half(ish) result of someone who would be at a similar stage. Also I only had the blood test at 7 months as that's when I got my first positive pregnancy test and I had had no proper symptoms prior to the positive test x

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Is it thalassemia? That's what I have. Going nuts. Would be about 7 weeks now but all tests negative including a blood one about a week ago. Tomorrow going for scan

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Out of curiosity what did the scan show?

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Hi Bidina,

I have the same condition and is wondering about the same thing. However, my last scan showed a cyst so I don't know if that's the reason for my missing period.

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You never had an ultrasound done? Abdominal or transvaginal?

I am gonna through the same thing and it's really confusing me where u pregnant?

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Hi i was like that my late period for 2 months 15th jan ive just had very light period for 3 days im 38 my stomach feels it wants to go to the loo as have stomach ache few times. Feeling sick every day dry skin my ankles feel swollen 4 pregmancy tests are negetative and blood test is neg. But high estrodiol what ever that is. Im at doctors on monday.

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Hi what was your underlying condition if you don't mind me asking as I am going through this the now thanks x

in reply to dazzling

Dazzling, I feel like I can just know what is wrong with me. It is alsmost 15 weeks now I even feel some butterflys in side but still all the negative test.

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Me To This So Frustrating

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Wow...7 months!? How did you convince them to do a scan? How do you get to the point of them even considering to look when you just "know" even with negative tests. I'm praying they will see what I already KNOW ;)

Today I received a scan without any positive tests. Based on my symptoms which included my breasts making milk again after they had stopped producing 7 months after the birth of my second daughter (2015). You don't know jack sugar.

in reply to

how did you feel all the time?

I feel like I am clinging onto hope that it will turn out positive....I just feel like I have all the symptoms but all the tests are negative and its heartbreaking getting that little bit of hope and then being told no!

I dont also want to have the HSG in case I am pg and that effects it.

The Dr @ the Hos told me that a -ve blood test was definate however I have seen people post that they have had -ve blood and still been pregnant...!

Maybe the reason behind my missing period is worry?!

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Not sure how but it is possible to have a false negative blood test. Years ago before I knew for sure that I was pregnant I had all the signs. Doc ordered blood test and it came back negative a week later we found out I was 2 mo pregnant. Now I am once again having all the signs and 38 days late. Have taken several hpt and every time there is a very faint line. went to drs, faint line there as well. Took blood test and it came back negative. Going crazy! Just want to know.

Yeah I had a negative pregnancy test even though I was pregnant. It was a cheap one from Sainsburys. It was the blood test that proved I was. You wouldn't get a negative blood test reading.

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shan1313 in reply to Megzey

I had a negative blood test but was 2 mo pregnant. . It is possible. Not sure how that works but it is possible

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The reason why you can get a negative blood test is by your HCG levels being very low that it doesn't show. Same with a pregnant negative test can be negative but you can still be pregnant. (My son is proof of a negative blood test but positive pregnancy)

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I have just had this. Positive pregnancy test at hospital and negative bloods at 1.9. Been told take another test in two weeks. I have had no period either. They are all baffled as to how and why at the hospital.

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Untrue..women above had that happen...one of my friends found out when she was 18weeks.

She had two negative urine and a negative blood. From hospital visits. Went to her obgyn.they took a urine and it came up positive.the. her ultrasound was her 100 confimation.

Hi I have had 2 negative pregnancy tests and I am now 25weeks pregnant.

I did my first test quiet early as I was late for my period (later than usual anyway) I bought a clear blue which is supports to be the most effective and it came back negative.

Didn't think anything of it and thought my period must just be later than usual so I left it another week and did another which also came back negative (by this point I wasn't convinced) I decided to wait 1 more week and do another and if that was negative then to go to the GP. One the third attempt I baught a cheaper test as I felt £10 for clear blue was abit of a waste if I didnt get the result I was looking for... The result was positive.

I went to the hospital a few days later with severe pain on my left side they did an emergency scan to make sure I wasnt having an eptopic pregnancy and confirmed I was only 5 weeks which is why the tests didnt come back positive straight away it depends how much pregnancy hormone you have to show in your urine so the further on you are the more there is to prove. Do you have the date for your HSG if not I would wait a week or 2 and do another test as she may well get a different result to what you did the first time like I did and its not uncommon either (according to the nurse at the hospital). If you do have your date and its coming up in the next week or so maybe ring and explain the situation they may be able to reschedule for a later date or book you for an ultrasound to be on the safe side before hand.

Good luck :-)


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Thanks for that :-)

I havent had a date for the HSG yet as apparently there is a couple of months wait for it so that buys me a bit of time to wait and see if I actually have another period....Its just strange cause ive always been every 28-35 days but couldnt predict which day i was due on so now @ 51 days since start of LMP its rather confusing! :-)x

I can understand why its confusing, I'm often a couple of days sometimes even a week late but not usually more than 1 week although I am known for thick blood so do sometimes get blood clots which causes my periods to be delayed and really heavy but considering we had planned a baby I had the thought in my head that I was pregnant specially recognising the difference in my body. Which is why I did a few tests over a few weeks just to double check.

At least if you haven't got your appointment you can give yourself time for those pregnancy hormones to increase (if you are pregnant).

:-) xx

If ur not after the hsg women usually fall pregnant. ..I was supposed have it had unprotected sex once and told them I prob wasn't pregnant, but they put me off for that month and it turned out I was! So lucky I didn't have it done x

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Cheers...still nothing so will wait for hsg and then keep trying :) x

Yes I'm going through the same thing so I feel something move in my stomach follow my hand but you Dont see no baby....what's going on....I just Dont know

I am almost 5 weeks late with negative blood and urine test all the symptoms including nausea for ab5 weeks or more now and acne stomach starting to grow and it's driving me crazy is there something that would cause negative blood test if you are?

Hi every1,m new to this group,i just want to make clear that m also on the same boat,i had my last perios on 23 feb,till now I int have my periods,i di 3 blood tests,all negative.I have all the symptoms,i had implantation bleeding on march 31,i have cramping,nausea,stuffy nose,lower back pain at times,varicose veins,etc,etc,,,,,still my pregnancy results are negative,i feel something heavy in my belly.....coul anyone explain the reason for this?I m thinking of going for an ultrasound...will it help,if I m pregnant??if m pregnant,i might be in the starting of 3rd month.....any suggestion,anyone.......plzzzz.....

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I'm getting the same thing but I'm waiting for scan

Mylife any news yet as I'm going troy a simelier thing but my doctor is saying I'm not preggnant via blood and urine but I might have some thing call PCOS which stands for polycystic ovary syndrome (not trying to worrie) but I've still get this feeling like I'm pregnant so my doctor is also sending me to a sacne to check what is going on ?

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Hi I've just found out I have PCOS deffentily they are putting me on contraception to sort it out

hi new for me i missed my period for 10 days negative rsult ,i did ultrasound doc say no pregnant so can i be pregnant so confused if nothing then why my period missed . i've regular period on time plz help me....

Still same problem I missed my period 2 months ago n HCG test still negitive and symptom says I m pregnent ,I m so worried about it what can I do :( plz anybody help me ?

This post was from a long time ago but blood test should be conclusive symptoms can be created psychosomatically by the brain. There are a lot of reasons why your period might be late. If a scan says no then you are not pregnant.

Blood tests are not always conclusive. . My last pregnancy I had all the signs.. had blood test and it came back negative. A week later I found out I was 2 months pregnant. Carried him to term and he was and is very healthy. However, I am now going thru similar situation. 38 days late, 5 hpt show positive, blood test is negative. Have so many signs of pregnancy. We shall see.

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How did you "find out"?

Hi ya i suffer from pos inbalance hormones gettin all neg blood and hpt im 8 wks late goin for an ultrasound in d afternoon will tell you how it goes

I'm going through the same, I could be anywhere up to 18 weeks, I just came of the depo in Sept 14, luckily my gp felt my stomach and said it was swollen etc so I have a scan for tomorrow, I'm so nervous but excited, I had neg urine and blood tests but I have a curved spine with can effect alot eg might have a womb that's tilted back etc so soon find out tomorrow

45 years old--Confused, Frustrated, and believe(d) I'm pregnant---ALL HPTs & Blood Negative. My dear friend (confidant) is truly convinced I'm pregnant. She agrees w many that say Negative test do not necessarily mean not pregnant---she has even talked about something called Blood Moon (regarding fertility) which was happening when the conception would have happened...when my period was over 1 week late 7-10 late, I was so sure I was pregnant--I said if I was in Las Vegas--I would bet the house and WIN. I cannot believe this is more common than I thought...All doctors I have talked to say if test is negative you're not pregnant. Anyone? Love to know what you think?

HELP!!!!! I'm 35 days late and have both a negative blood and urine test had nausea and dizziness a week ago and went to the Er but still nothing am I just crazy I just know I'm pregnant I'm 21 and I have a 2 year old and was negative until 8 weeks in so I know it can be possible just HELP

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Please help I know your post is old but are u pregnant ,did your menstrual start I'm in the same boat I'm over 50 days without period light spotting all the pregnancy symptoms negative blood test pregnancy test and ultrasound and I also been pregnant twice

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I have just been reading about cryptic pregnancies..cause low hsg so won't read pregnant even if you are..i'm, off to doctors for blood tests next week at hopefully 26 weeks but not testing but all symptoms..fingers crossed.

Hey same here i think i am goimg through an early stage cryptic preg im on a page on facebook and one women is on her 3rd year of pregnancy

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I hear that type of pregnancy is extremely rare...and i think it would still show on ultrasounds..at least the transvaginal one..no?

I had negative bloods and urine until I was 5 weeks

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I think im going thru same. Missed period while on b/c dr says to just wair until next period which is not until july because i menstruate every 3 mths. Meanwhile, neg urine and blood test 2 weeks ago. Im about 5 weeks late now. Tummy growing, feel weird when i eat. Idk if its me???? Never happened with my 2 boys??? What do u think? Did u go thru same?

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Doctors don't know everything. U can bleed; I have had 5 wired pregnancies and am going through it again.

Weird pregnancies

New to this...

My breasts are unusually sore and tender and have grown in size!

I feel sick during the day and I'm tired more recently.

Had pregnancy test and blood test that stated I'm negative. I'm irregular but not felt like this ever.

Not sure what to think

I am going through this now. LMP waz May 2nd. I had ewcm middle of may and at the beginning of June I had light pink spotting. I'm having pregnancy symptoms but countless negative hpts and 3 negative blood tests. My OB put me on Provera to start my cycle 9 days ago, no sign of AF at all. I have all symptoms except darkening of areola and metal mouth. Could I still be PG?

Last period was july 28. Aug 10 we decided to try for a baby. I felt sick the first couple days after. Aug 15 did a home test and it was negative. Still felt sick so ordered blood work through our Gp and it was negative. Still felt sick and now tired and Aug 30 did another home test and it was finally positive. Weird.

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How is that weird? If you had a period on July 28 and oregano test was positive on August 30 that's 4 weeks after your period that's when you are meant to check a pregnancy test at the earliest! You are meant to wait till you miss a period.

Hi everyone I hope I can get some help! I have never had irregular periods or spotting. But this last month I was two weeks late. I was spotting a week and two weeks before my period date, I did a pregnancy test it as negative. I waited 5 days I did a blood test twice on the 5th day and on the 14th day negative. On the 14th date in the evening I got my period, it was regular lasted 7 days but nothing abnormal. I had see my gyn when I did the two blood test she stated it could be stress that I was having with my husband (bad two weeks). I as having nausea , headaches , bloating, crazy mood swings and still negative test. I even got tested for thyroid everything was normal. I paid no mind but now I have been spotting for three days . My boots feel sore and I had little heart burn but still another test and two negative results, I even got the clear blue test. I had a stressful weekend but nothing to make my period this crazy. My husband and I have been trying for the longest but we stopped. I never been on birth control and really haven't been trying to have a baby we just said the time will come. I have never expericmd this , I'm just worried and mixed emotions. Should I go to the ER, can I be pregnant or not.

Thanks in advance ladies 😘

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Do not go to the ER as this is not an accident nor an emergency! And if you go you will rightly so wait several hours to be seen. Sounds like you are not pregnant if you are having your period irregular or not, and you have a lots negative pregnancy tests blood and urine. To me just from this post you sound extremely anxious and stressed! All these symptoms are non specific. Try and relax and have a bath. I would suggest seeing your GP if you are constantly spotting to make sure nothing else is going on. You might need a smear if it's not up to date.

Most of all try and take it easy, as you seem on the brink!

I had a few Negative pee test one Negative blood test & still had a cycle every month my test where still Negative at 33Weeks! My stomach had only gotten a little bigger not 33 weeks pregnant big at all ultrasound is what helped me threw all the Negative tests my body told me otherwise.. Believe your body (: anything can happen trust i know craziest 9 months in my WHOLE life!!

Negatives can be a cryptic pregnancy..they have not long realised it is real..stress..low hsg and it may not show as positive even upto when you give birth..we all think its odd or strange or something wrong with us..but incase its something else happening to us as it can be always best to see doctor for blood tests so each can be ruled out or narrowed down.

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I've just heard about this when searching information on different things to do with pregnancy...

That pregnancy that you're talking about is extremely rare!

I definitely think it would still show up on ultrasounds..esp ttransvaginal one... no?

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Seriously?? Omgosh! Idk what to think if myself. I feel pregnant , nausea, metal mouth, light cramping, but no sore breast . Belly lookflabby but hard at times. Should had period 5 weeks ago. Neg urine and blood. Dr say i should wait til next period! Help me understand?

Hey I'm in a similar situation, I had a super dark positive on March 9th of this year which was 4 days before my expected missed period. I went to my primary care doctor and got a blood test done since I've been Ttc for 6 months now for my second child. I got a negative test result . I am now 3 days late on my period and I still feel pregnant , I have a ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow for a different reason and I'm hoping to see a baby in there if not idk what's going on with me. I've been hearing of many women that have had negative blood test and turned out they were pregnant . Crossing my fingers that's my situation. Any ideas? Need some support I kinda feel like I'm going crazy cause I feel like if I tell my fiancé he's gunna think I'm making my body think I'm pregnant . I'm excited but super scared for tomorrow. Helppp!

I would wait till the scan if your worried about the outcome. Lots of women say they feel pregnant with negative tests but how many. ARE actually pregnant is a different matter.

Did you read the pregnancy test straight away? If you wait too long and then read it it will not be accurate

Hey everyone! So I'm 20 years old, and I have always had a regular period cycle of 28 days exactly. I'm now sitting at approximately 17 days late and still testing neg with every test I take. I took one in the morning and it came back as a faint negative, but still negative. I went into get the blood test just to be sure though. I really feel like I am pregnant though, feeling malaise, nausea in the day, slight cramping every few days as well as definite back aches. Everything my body is signaling is making me think I'm pregnant but the tests are saying otherwise, I'm so frusterated! And now I have to wait till Monday for my blood test results.. Any thoughts or similar experiences that led to a pregnancy even with negative urine samples?? Anything helps me at this point!! Thanks!

Reply is late but here it is anyway, i had my last normal period in december 2015 in january 2016 i had spotting. no period or spotting in february or march finally decided to go to the doctor did a urine and blood test an both were negative, one hour later i did an ultrasound and there my baby was 15 weeks healthy and everything. this is my second pregnancy with my daughter i had vomiting weight gain and tender breasts, but with this pregnancy i have had no vomiting or tender breasts. healthy baby girl due october 3, 2016.

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Where you on any type of birth control prior to you getting pregnant? And if so, how long before getting pregnant did you stop? And also, I am 30 days late today and all negative urine tests. My doctor basically is refusing to do a blood test because he doesn't believe I could be pregnant because 8 months ago I came off depo. I know that it may be a slim chance but I really want to be sure. Any tips on what to say to make it happen?

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We need better doctors.

If you strongly feel like you are then yes sometimes the test come negative but your are and in special cases blood urine test come out negative and ultrasound will not detect any fetuses and still you can be pregnant that's called a cryptic pregnancy 

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So far I've read three different peoples responses about that type of pregnancy you mentioned.

I feel like that type is extremely rare.

wouldn't it still show up on ultrasounds esp the transvaginal one?

I know this post is super old, but I need some answers. I'm on the implanon (contraceptive implant) and have had it for a year and a half. About 2/3 months ago, I came to experience very sore and tender breasts, so painful I couldn't wear bras, just sports bras because they kept them comfortable and at ease. This problem hasn't stopped, so I've taken at least 4 pregnancy tests since, all in which were negative. It plays on my mind though. I've put around 15 lbs on since the new year, which of course tore me apart considering I worked hard to lose the weight previously. I'm only 17 years old and I've been in a serious relationship for almost a year. I feel sick a lot, I wake up with a metallic taste in my mouth, I've been told I need to take calcium tablets as I had blood tests last week, but nothing was said about pregnancy. My doctor wants to see me, but surely I'd have been informed if I was pregnant when he got the results? I don't know. I get headaches, snappy at everyone, weight gain and noticeable stomach growth. Maybe it's the implant playing tricks? I get weird periods on the implant, usually between the 10th and the 13th. But sometimes I won't have one, my last one was lighter than usual. Me and my boyfriend have unprotected sex a lot so I don't know if it's a possibility or what. Please can someone give me some guidance? Am I being silly? Thanks in advance, Molly x

Hi, I believe I'm 33 weeks pregnant, I started having these pregnancy symptoms awhile back. Symptoms that I've expirienced; • Hunger like as if I haven't eaten in a week. • Dry Heaving/Naseua. • My ribs feeling like there being separated and bad pain chest. • Sore breast. • Dehydration. • Fetal movement like the butterfly sensation on my left side only happened that strongly when I was sitting down, on the couch. • Then the fetal movement got a little stronger I began to feel the baby moving a lot more like popcorn popping inside my stomach. • At 24 weeks I had my period for 5 days. • Finally starting to feel the baby's big kicks and see them. • Headaches off and on but not all the time. • Hot flashes & Chills. • Gas. •Diareha. •Constipation. • Back aches. • Hip pain. • Some menstrual like cramps. • Spotted twice two hours apart. •And don't know if this means anything either but my bottom right wisdom tooth is coming in too. • 2 days later after I spotted twice, I wiped and had some sticky brown discharge. • Then just two days ago I took 2 pregnancy test I bought from the dollar store and they both said Positive. One fainter than the other tho but they were there you can see them both clear as day, Two pink lines. Before when I took the pregnancy test they kept saying negative but now there saying positive. So that night I went to the ER cause of the cramps I was having and bad back aches and the finally POSITIVES. When I was at the ER they gave me a urine and a blood test the pee test was positive but there blood test was negative. I thought what the heck!? This can't be.., am I seriously not pregnant after all this!? :( well here I am now still wondering what the heck is going on with my body. I mean I do believe I'm pregnant I know my body. I've felt and seen the baby move. I've gotten positive urine results more than once... And also I had a nurse do a ultrasound but her pregnancy ultrasound scanner was dead so she couldn't use it. She said she found a different scanner but it wasn't meant for pregnancy. She used it and of course couldn't find anything. And she said she couldn't feel my uterus either... I just honestly don't know what else to do or believe at this point.

Out of curiosity as you said you were 33 weeks pregnant 3 months ago, has a baby ever come out?

I have same issues.... i am 8days late and the test shows negative.... but still i feel like i am pregnant.. i feel sorr in 1 breast... so i am confuse....

I got 7 hpt positive test and i went to the hospital because i was in pain abdominal pain it hurt so much the doctors said it was a bladder infection and then i did another hpt and positve again im as confused as you . i have a blood test on the 10th

Bladder infections r common with pregnancies. 2 of my children I had no pregnancy signs and found out at 4 months; 3 of my children I found out at 6 months due to bladder infection. I had I positive results for months.

I have had 5 pregnancies with bleeding and countless neg blood and hpt for up to 6 months. My babies were healthy ; but doctors did not believe me til it was too late. So, don't believe everything doctors say,as they do not know everything.


Ultrasounds dont lie..esp the transvaginal one

Which can detect pregnancy as early as 5 weeks

Doctors refuse to do ultrasound because they did not believe me, but that is best way to detect. It is best to trust your instincts , because doctors don't really care about the patient, they want to make that quick buck.

You must push them hard for them to order one; doctors r confused by how my body operates during a pregnancy. They should b trained for any situation, but they r not.

I don't know if you're US based or UK ... But in the uk doctors don't get paid per patient for a quick buck... I think that's a big generalisation ... Also at 6 months you would look pregnant especially if it's wasn't your first pregnancy. You're saying even with a huge belly they didn't believe you ... I find that hard to digest.

If it was the case I would have got an ultrasound privately and put a big complaint against the doctor...

It always easy when you hear one side of the story!

Not everybody had a big belly ; I don't get big bellies til 8 months. And yes, doctors only follow up on positive results; no docs r not trained completely well, they c wut they want to c and that is following wut society finds acceptable😀

Actually I have problem as u have my urine and blood both r negative but my days r less than yours I have 18 days passed now I took appointment to my family doctor then I will consult the gyn will see what she will suggest I'm very upset whether I'm pragnet or not , if not then y my periods r not coming

Well have u consult any gyny? If not then do this 1st and do the ultrasound too

U have only spotting or flow ? And how many days ?

Is this ur first pragnancy like me ?

What happened

I have had neg blood and Uran tests and been pregnant with all three of my kids

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Could you please tell me ,did you have your period while pregnant?

33days late in my period, today we went to emergency room and got blood test ,urine test, ultrasounds came back negative,,cramping in my left side,brown discharge,vomiting,nausea pregnancy test is negative now I'm laying in the couch having cramps,nauseous and the ultrasound nurse I'm just having my period cuz she saw a blood and now I put a pad in in case it will continue to be full blast of period but it didn't it stopped. I'll update tomorrow. See what happened. Idk what to do pregnancy symptoms is there but it's negative. Is there anybody having this issues?

hi everyone i am taking mesigyna for a year and someting now bin on it b4 for like 2yrs and some months but recently had a baby and just so out of d blues i havent seen my preiod in like 3mths and going i had many home pregnancy tests done and they all came negative went to d hospital cuz i was feeling and seeing movement in my belly d blood tes came back negative but i know something is there how can i be sure.

Hi my name is Trinity , my last period in October but all my test are coming up negative even the blood test but I feel pregnant I feel like my stomach is getting bigger I also feel movement . my boobs got bigger , I have some pregnancy symptoms I'm just so confused & also had some bleeding last week didn't last for long tho , I should be 11 weeks today .. I seen allot of people with these problems on other post & they ended up pregnant I hope that's me , Ima go get a ultrasound that should answer my question 💯 I hope this helps

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How'd your ultra sounds go!? Anything?

I know this is a really old thread but I am going through the same thing, my boobs grew and my stomach bloated and I missed my period and I had so many different pregnancy symptoms as I know as this could be my 2nd child I think I am around about 7 weeks and was spotting last weekend and not had a period for 3 months now but all the tests I have took are negative and the doctor phoned today saying that the blood results where negative I really don't know what is going on as I still have the flutters in my stomach and the pregnancy symptoms are still there I am really confused and need to know what is going on as my doctor won't do anything else as the blood results are negative 😖 has this happened to anyone and they have still been pregnant?? I found out when I was 11 weeks with my son but didn't know I was pregnant as didn't have all the symptoms and feelings I am having the now 😓 tia

I am experiencing the same problem, I was never pregnant before, I missed my menstruation 5 month now, and I have been taking numerous pregnant test, it all came back negative, so I decide to take a blood pregnancy test n it came back negative, I am feeling movement on my left side tummy, can anyone help me plz.

I been experience some of same .but im 57 been threw menopause no periods for 4 to 5 years . but no partner until 5 month ago . so I have always had just a one day spot on monthly basis but doctors said it was vaginal lining bleeding. But I started feeling morning sickness and smells . Breast tenderness then test negivetive on both urine and blood . but doctors want believe me when I tell them im feeling movement. They think it my elapsing bladder. But as I try to tell them. We women in my family don't always show positive on any test . but my age and gone threw menopause 5 %changes of release egg . but I would be 16 weeks this week and look like pregnant feel pregnant and feel movement alot .what can I do as well . u hang in there . Hopefully some truth will come to lite.

You may just not have enough of the pregnancy hormone. My friend was telling me that one of her friends never produced the hormone, she was definitely pregnant, but every test she had come back negative so it can happen x

Yes I have had 3 home test and a blood test and they all come back saying negative and I have had all the symptoms off being pregnant like sickness tied and off food and can't drink a brew in full only juice and now my breast are starting to hurt so my doctors is send me for another blood test next week as I am 21 days late

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Hi Ange, I’m only 5 days late at the moment but have been 28 days regular my whole life and never been even a day late. I’ve take two HPTs and both negative and blood test from the doctor has come back negative. I’m just wondering what your outcome was as I’m just questioning if maybe it was too early to detect.

The woman who received a positive test at 5 months gives me hope. I would be 24 weeks pregnant now. I'm waiting for the serum pregnancy test result. Urine tests were negative. I've scheduled a pelvic exam in 3 weeks in case the serum is negative. I hope to get a measurement of how much my uterus has grown; should be over 20cm long. If I can't get a uterine measurement at the pelvic exam, I'll try a midwife at a birthing center. I went through this a couple years ago and had a still birth. So I'm speaking up more now, and won't just back down. I've learned my insurance company will back me up. The insurance company said the medical staff laughs about it until they get told the end result was a still birth...then they get quiet.

Hi there... m new to this.. my period usually start 28 days, now I am 8 days late n had 3 urine pregnancy test, have 1 blood test done too.. all test was negative... but I experience heart burn and feel dizzy for 3 weeks now but no breast sore...so m confused... not exactly sure if I am pregnant... I never missed my period this long.... please help...

Hey so I see this posts is so many years ago, but Im driving myself crazy feeling so confused! And after reading so many similar stories, I feel I should share my experience. We are not alone in this. I missed my period this month and both urine and blood work test have come back negative for pregnancy. My last menstrual was March 13, 2020 and I've had all the symptoms, frequent urination, very mild cramping, soreness in my boobs as well as headaches. Im not sure what to feel or think since the test say negative but I just feel like I am, I know that's strange but I just know. So all I can do is wait till the month of May is up and test again. After that I will post my results again on here. Best of luck to all.

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