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Getting pregnant after coming off of the Depo injection


Hi Guys,

Looking for a bit of advice really. I had been on the injection for 7 years. My last shot ran out in October 2011 and my periods came back in April/May 2012. They have been as regular as clockwork since but despite regular unprotected sex with my fiancé I still have not managed to fall pregnant. I've read so many horror stories about woman who find they can't conceive after coming off it the depo, and I'm worried that because I was on it for so long and from so young it may have reduced my chances.

Any help or recommendations?

Thank you :-)

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7 years was a long time to be taking the Depo contraceptive injection, but i wouldnt let this worry you too much. Every woman is different & im sure your body is just taking time to adjusting back to normal.

You'll probably fall pregnant when u least expect it



I went on the depo after having my son and it did take a while to conceive again. I was only on it for 9 months and it didn't agree with me at all so although we weren't actively trying to begin with I did start to get a little concerned! In total it took 17 months, my son was unplanned after missing 2 pills so you can't help but worry when it starts to take longer next time!

I went to the GP after 12 months who examined me and told me to hang tight for another 6. I made the mistake of googling too and you must stop or you'll drive yourself mad! I know it's so difficult but relax, don't obsess over it and that's when it'll happen. I got a bit too interested in the ovulating and all the rest which just makes sex feel a bit chore-y which is never good, just do the deed as much as you can!

Go to the GP if you're really worried. Happy baby making :-) x

My best friend was in Depo Provera for 13 years - fell pregnant 6 weeks after coming off it. Everyone is different. What's important is to stay relaxed, and let nature take it's course! Stress will certainly slow things down!! Xx


If u have been trying for over a year then go to ur g.p for further investigations if ur concerned. X

I was on the deppo for 3 years then had an implant for 3 straight after. I fell pregnant within 6 weeks of getting the implant removed. Like people have said, everyone is different but if you've been trying to conceive for a long time, I'd say to speak to your GP. Good luck!

I came off the depo in November 2011 and although we weren't desperately trying I started to think something was wrong until I read on here that the hormones in the injection can stay in your body for up to a year after the last one which stops you being able to concieve. I was quite shocked that doctors don't feel like they should tell you this before you have it!!


I have 5 family members that came off that at the same time and around 19 months off it they all fell pregnant :-)

From my experience it takes a long times to conceive after being on depo.. Usually at least 2years+ . I had 1 injection in july 2010 was due to get the next one in oct but decided to try for a baby instead. No luck after a year so saw a fertility clinic which put me on metfomin from dec 11 till feb 12 then I conceived but I'm not sure if that was anything to do with the depo or not :/

thank you everyone

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