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How long does it take to start ovulating on bromocriptine>

I have been ttc for one year now. About six months ago I saw my GP about this and was eventually diagnosed with elevated levels of prolactine. I was put on bromocriptine about six weeks ago. I had a period about four weeks after starting the treatment and blood tests showed that my prolactin level had gone down by half, although it was still slightly elevated. It has now been two weeks since that blood test. I have been doing ovulation tests for over a week now (started around day 6 of my cycle, I am on day 18 now) and no positive result yet.

So far I had remained fairly positive, thinking that I would eventually get there. However, the fact that I am not ovulating yet, even after being on bromocriptine for a while, is making me loose a bit of hope. Has anybody been in a similar situation? How long did it take you to start ovulating?

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Have you seen an endocrinologist, or just your GP? If you've not seen an endocrinologist push to see one: depending in how high your prolactin levels were, you may need an MRI of your head to look at your pituitary gland and, if not done already, full pituitary bloods inc FSH and LH.



Hi DrFluffy!

I have seen an endocrinologist, who was the one prescribing the bromocriptine. I've had the MRI, which didn't show anything conclusive. I am not sure about the other hormones, to be honest, but I think my GP did those tests...

The good news is that I did eventually detect an LH surge on Monday morning... I got almost as excited as if I had been told I was pregnant! A bit more disappointed now, as the test did not detect the LH surge this morning, and I am actually wondering whether it was just a false positive... Aaaaargh... I wish I was a bit more patient!


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