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Does or has anyone had experience with the Coil and how effective is it?

I am coming up 25 weeks pregnant and me and my partner are over the moon... however we have decided that we don't want any more. I already have a daughter of 4 and so does my partner so we think 3 is more than enough. Due to previous health problems (i.e Headaches and hemapligic attacks) I am not allowed to take contraceptive pills or have the injection or implant so the coil is my only option. I have always been dubious about it never like the idea and my auntie had serious problems with hers just a few years ago and it had to be removed. Can anyone give me an insight of whats its like and the realistic pro's and con's. I have asked my GP about having my tubes tied after this baby or my partner getting the snip (which he is prepared to do) however due to our age (25 and 27) they wont do it apparently they only do it on over 30's and even early 30's are not guaranteed to be accepted for it.

Need some advice please


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I had it 6 Weeks after my last child. .. and initially it was good but then I used to get break thru bleeding and didn't know if it was my hormones or my coil.. so I had it taken out. . Went on the pill and realised I should of stuck to the coil as really didn't have any probe except for not of breakthrough bleeding so went back on the coil but kept getting thrush every month so had it removed and thrush settled down even though still get it a bit. . Wish I'd never had the first one taken out. .. think u have to try it and see for ur self x


I had one in for 5 years before deciding to try for a baby. Never had any problems with it at all, would defs get it in again after baby arrives. Every 4-6 weeks there would be light bleeding but nothing like a period only problem is it was unpredictable when it would happen. I found it great as I never had to think about it once it was in


Hi guys thanks think I may read up on it abit more tbh the sound of it puts me off. Then again if it works it can't be to bad. Xx


I had a coil for 3 years until I had a colposcopy and had to have it removed. during the time I had it it was great and no problem at all. the only downside was that my period pains where a bit stronger, but totally bearable. I didnt go back as we decided to try for a baby and I am in my third pregnancy now.

Just do some reserach as there are 2 options, cant remember the names, but check with your GP, there lots of brochures on line as well.

good luck!


I had a coil fitted fitted as emergency contraception and found it absolutely awful. I experiencedperiod pains for 4 months and after that every time I had my period it was heavy and painful plus I would get random unpredictable mini periods in between. I had it taken out after 18 months and would never have another one again

I had an implant fitted but got pregnant on that then miscarried and nowI'm having our third child after a failed morning after pill I'm starting to think contraception doesn't like me!

Going to try the injections after this one.


Omg that sounds awful it stories like this although i no everybody is different and reacts in different ways. I was on the pill before the health problems and fell pregnant with my 1st daughter so mention the fact i cant have them i dont beleive they work anyway. My.friend alao fell.pregnant.on the implant so not.convinced that works although im not allowed it anyway. I always have really heavy periods anyway and very painful but the doc gave me a tablet to take for the first 3 days after my period starts to help slow it down and they work so i dont mind the blow flow as i can control it its the pain i have a very low pain threshhold. Could you feel u had it in or was it comfortable some people say your not supposed to feel it but they did or there partners did when having sex i dont want it to be uncomfortable. What about having it put in too is that painful xx


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