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I got my first scan app letter and it says you cant take children. does anyone had that also?


this is my second pregnancy so I didnt have to think about this on the previous one!

why cant I take my LO?

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Call the hospital and see if this really is the case, my hospital st helier allows children

I think it's quite standard for children not to be allowed, I've had scans at 2 hospitals where they've asked for children to be left at home. The reasons on my letter were that space in the scan rooms is limited (hence why we could also only bring one person with us) and children can distract the person doing the scan. My midwife mentioned this time that thy also prefer you to be child-less in case they discover anything negative and need to give you distressing news.

Luckily my mum lives 5 minutes from me so having my little boy looked after wasn't a problem but if you haven't got childcare available give he ultrasound unit a call, I'm sure they'll make an exception rather than have you not be scanned! X

I've took mine in b4 x

I was allowed to take my children to my 12wk scan, but they recommend not taking children to the 20wk scan as it is more of a diagnostic scan which sort of makes sense to me.

Hi, I'm a sonographer and at my trust we say in he letter that children should have someone to supervise them in the room. As it is a long scan with a great deal of concentration to check your baby is ok it can be quite distracting having a screaming child in the room. I've had to rebook a lady before as her baby was screaming so loudly I couldn't concentrate. It's probably best if you can find someone just to be there with your kiddie incase they need to go outside of they make a noise etc. hope this helps.

It said that on my letter too but when I was waiting on Monday a woman was there with a little on in a pushchair that they took in. When I got to the hospital though it said on their info that well behaved children can go in but to be aware that the staff need to concentrate and are not there to look after your children. Just ring them and ask if they mind. I would have loved to have taken my older boy(who is 4) to this scan but didn't because what it said on the letter.

Thanks everyone for your responses!!

I will have to look for someone to look after my girl while we go into the scan. I want my bf with me . hope its all ok.

4 weeks to the scan and I cant wait

We didn't take our lo to the first scan but that was because I also had a consultant apt so was there for a while. He came to the 20 weeks one and sat on his dads lap, did start to get a bit fidgety though but didn't make a noise. As long as u have someone else with u to look after them when your having your scan I cant see it be a problem. I wanted to take my lo so he could be involved in seeing his little brother.

Good Luck xx

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