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Bump Measurements

I'm 34 weeks and I've had 4 measurements taken so far, but all by different midwives.

My first measurement was the right size according to their growth charts, but the second measurement was too big so I was referred for a growth scan and GD test. Scan showed baby was the right size and test came back negative.

Third measurement was 'within normal range', but I was measured again yesterday and the forth measurement is way under what it should be and lower than the third measurement so I've been referred for yet another growth scan.

I'm not worried as baby moves around and changes position all the time so some days my bump is huge and some days baby hides and I have a tiny little bump. It will be nice to have another chance to see baby, but I feel like I'm not getting a constant standard of care. My last 4 appointments have all been with different midwives and I know that my next appointment will be with yet another midwife. Only one of these midwives even bothered reading through my notes, the others just did the measurements and listened to baby's heartbeat.

Has anyone had similar experience?

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Yes, I see the same midwife but she is always training someone so thy do the measurements and everyone has measured me differently, on target or over, but seems to be a pattern of over for me as I do have gestational diabetes, I too had a growth scan yesterday baby boy is doing great nearly weighs five pounds at 31 weeks ( about one pound more than average)

To be honest it doesn't worry me having extra scans I'm grateful that they are keeping a closer eye on baby and me, if t doesn't bother you then look at it like a positive thing!

Besides measuring the funds is an old routine and is not accurate, but is used as an indicator for possible health issues.

I get to see baby boy again at 36 weeks, can't wait:)


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