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Advice Please! Work is getting to much.

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Little Rant! I have been working for my employer for 6 years without any major problems. However since I found out I am pregnant after Christmas things have changed, my boss is being horrible and I am getting the blame for everything thats going wrong (trying to make unnecessary changes to the way I run the office - I am currently office manager)

Putting his noes in where its not needed and although I have had meetings with my higher superior on more than one occasion i am getting no where and every day it seams to get worse. The attitude in him the way he speaks to me, the agro and difficulty he is making every day working life is becoming to much, I am starting with nerves, anxiety attacks and generally coming home in foul moods and being upset which is obviously now causing problems at home although my partner is very supportive its hard for him to understand whats going on and why nothing has been done about it. The problem is my boss and the superior as husband and wife so they kind of stick up for each other even though I have explained how I feel.

For the sake of my health and my babies I am thinking of going on the sick until my maternity leave starts on the 14th of June however I am worried about money. Would I still be entitled to maternity pay if I am on the sick before me leave is due to start? Also would I get more help from tax credits to see me over as we cant only survive on one wages (my partners) and my maternity pay?

Any help or advice would be very much appreciated I am almost at me wits end and dont no how much more I can take before I completely crack.



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Don't you have any holidays left ? You could ask to book all the holidays you are entitled to at once,sick leave for just a week maybe.because you will get full pay with your holiday and if you won't get sick pay you will not feel it as much as its only a week.and the take your mat leave as early as are entitled to all this and your employers should not stop you.i have been off for two months now and my mat leave only starts in don't need all that stress now your baby is very important. Good luck xx

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I do have a few days I think but not long I'm not sure what my holiday entitlement is at the moment and my boss isn't really someone I can approach at the moment (for the first time in 6 years of working here I have felt like I cant approach them with anything how awful is that!)

I'm not sure what to do got so much going through my mind at the moment, am abit confused.

Thanks for your advice, will see what I can do!


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If you go sick now and stay duck until June, they will count it as the start if your maternity leave. Do you have a Union Rep? Who is this guys line manager? Take it higher - a constructive dismissal case against a firm never looks good, and if this guy is being as much if an arsehole as you say, why let Hume get away with it?

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Sorry I don't no what you mean stay duck until June? If I go on the sick now I will get SSP my maternity entitlement states you cannot claim as maternity until 11 weeks before baby is due which falls the day after I leave on the 14th June so they couldnt class the sick as SMP.

I donth have a union rep, I work for a family run limited company the only persons higher than me are the manager (Who I have the problem with) and the superior (his wife).

It would be a shame to have to go through all that hoo harr when I have working with this company so long and have previously been thought of as friends. Cant be bothered with the agro of it all to be honest just want to finish earlier to save the stress and upset.

I am not sure if I am even returning to work after having the baby next year I am looking to starting up on me own so I can work my own hours.

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DrFluffy in reply to jay1987

Auto correct - sick, not duck!! Be careful - if your employers are being arses, they could 'force' maternity leave on you from either 35 weeks or 4 weeks before your EDD (can't remember which, so check). I would be fuming, hope you are ok. Contact your local CAB, they can put you in touch with solicitors/barristers who will look at your case Pro Bono (free) for an opinion.


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Personally I'd want to call a meeting and explain that I felt discriminated against and I'd also be inclined to take further action if it wasn't resolved - I am the sort of person to stamp my feet until things are being done properly though! I understand that such a small company without the management structure of a larger one, particularly where you've been considered friend makes that a bit awkward though. Just remember that being treated unfairly because you're pregnant is NOT ok and there are measures to protect you.

Regarding the financial stuff, I started my mat leave slightly earlier than originally planned first time round (am now a stay at home mum - so glad I don't have to think about mat leave this time!) and the website has a benefits and SMP calculator as well as all the info to go with it which is really handy! Benefits are a minefield - we had to claim working tax credit for 4-5 months after I finished mat leave until my partners business took off and I would totally recommend going to citizens advice - they can tell you everything you are entitled to (including sick and maternity pay I think) and even filled out the forms for me!

I hope it all works out ok :-) x

Oh how horrible for you! Take them to a tribunal for constructive dismissal....where they are making your life so unbearable they are pushing you to leave...if your maternity leave could start now they will use that instead of sick pay,speak to your midwife ...also your allowed extra breaks being pregnant! Disgusting to treat you like this just because your pregnant..start writing a diary of everything that is going on at work..x

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Thanks guys, I will defo look into my entitlement on direct gov, think really need to think about it I am so close to walking out specially yesterday and this morning when I wrote the comment. Just so sick, I do make notes on everything that happens not that I will forget it like, I tried talking to other colleagues about it and apparently its not just mean others particularly my PA is feeling the strain too, Others in the work place think its just me been pregnant and hormonal and dealing with things the way I used to.

I am more emotional now like rather than getting angry im getting upset instead when normally i would blow a fuse tell everyone what I thought and left them to deal with it.

Really frustrating.

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It sounds as if they are trying to push you out the back door to me and if you walk as can't take it anymore, they have won, you wont get your maternity pay. (thats only my opinion). June will come quicker than you know it. Keep your head down and try and keep out of there way where possible and play them at there own game, start being overally nice as if nothing is to much trouble, dont let them see that they are getting to you, however annoying it is. I think it is harder to ignore someone than be nice to their face.

Cant beleive you have been there 6 years and they treat you like this, it is disgraceful and they ought to be utterly ashamed of themselves.

Take your maternity pay in June and take the whole 12 months off if you can and then at the end of your maternity leave, tell them you are not going back and stick your fingers up at them >:-( ha ha.(sorry I am just bitter and twisted)

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My boss tried to sack me within four weeks of me telling him I was pregnant, I won my case:)

So I have been on ssp since January 2013 no way would I go back there!

Coz I have been sick over a certain qualifying period I cannot get smp but instead I'm getting ma which is £135.00 per week.

Plus I get help on my rent and maybe when baby is born I might get a bit if help with council tax, plus everyone gets £20 per week child benefit unless you earn over £50,000 per year (I wish)

Plus my hubby and your would get working family tax credit, all in all I am as well off not working which for me is great as I have worked all my life till now, and I'm choosing to be a stay at home mum whilst hubby brings in the money :)

Ok, this is indirect bullying. There are certain things you must do before taking any action, and that is to speak formally with your boss. Demand that things change and advise him how you are feeling. If no change, raise a formal "grievance", in writing... If still nothing changes you may have a case.... Try to do what u can informally and formally first, otherwise if you take them to tribunal the court will just say you've not followed process.

All this unnecessary stress on baby is not good!

You need to be strong and face them. I know it's hard but nothing will change if you don't do anything. DO NOT go sick or leave.... They will win and everything they've done unethically would have been achieved. Not sure if they trying to push you out, ESP if others in office feel same. Just please stand up and be counted. Make that move.

Here if you want to talk x

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