Baby's weigh at 36 weeks how accurate really?

I'm confused why they use the measurements at all to predict baby's weight. Has anyone's been accurate in previous pregnancies. First growth scan head was so low they said measurement was inaccurate , a week later head was even more buried down and couldn't even measure. Yet they still predict a weight based on this.

Now I'm concerned as they estimate baby is just under 5lb and may want to bring my csection forward ,

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  • Measurements are generally taken as being plus or minus 10% - so not massively accurate!

  • Could be out by 2lbs, that's why some hospitals wont predict a weight. If baby is just under 5 now, it might be nearly 7 at 40 weeks or more if you go to 41 or 42 weeks (very common for first baby).

  • I was told last week by the sonographer that the bigger the baby gets in gestation, the harder it is to be accurate with the weight and measurements as the baby is so squashed up. Apparantly they could be out by up to 20%

  • I don't know statistics or percentages but i can share my experience.

    I was told through out my pregnancy that my little man was going to be very small. Between wks 36 - 38 i was told i was in stagnate growth and baby would only be 5/5.5lbs at 40wks. They discussed early delivery but then baby had grown towards end of wk 38. I went into natural labour at 40+2, decided against any drugs as i was worried what effect they could have on such a tiny baby...... 29hrs later my little man was born, he weighed 7lb 11oz!!! The average weight for a boy is 8lb! So for me they aren't accurate at all :D x

  • i wouldnt worry too dr reckoned my first would be around 8 1/2 lb but she was 7.8lb and i had a scan with my 2nd because the consultant was concerned it was a big baby but the sonographers said she seemed average....and she was 9.10lb and a week early!

  • I never even knew why the measured you. I just thought it was to match up with how many weeks you are. You learn something new everyday....

  • I'm 31 weeks 2 days and they said today he weighs 5 pounds

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