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When will I escape from this sickness?!


I don't know what to do any more!

I'm 6 weeks and I feel sick all the time. I can't sleep well. I keep waking up in the middle of the night with an upset stomach, cramps all the time keeping me awake. I've been to the hospital for a scan and all looks ok but I'm always sick!

I can't eat anything apart from soup, though it still doesn't take my sickness away.

Is it normal at 6 weeks to be sick all the time? And for how long will it still be this way? This is stopping me from having a normal life and it's making me depressed! Another issue that maybe I should have started with.

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Starts around this time...are u being sick or feeling sick? I ate loads to stop me feeling sick and thankfully by 12 weeks it wore off for me....some women have it longer...if your really struggling to keep food and fluid down pop and see your g.p there are anti sick medications that u can have, such a horrible draining feeling, it gets you down in the end..have you tried eating a biscuit before you get out of bed? Try to drink plenty...being hungry and thirsty or tired made me feel worse, I feel for you and hope you start to feel better soon xx

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Thank you so much for your words! I drink water but doesn't make me feel better. I can't eat anything, that's the problem so i feel weaker and weaker and even when I drink a bit of soup the sickness doesn't go away :( I've been to the pharmacy and they said there absolutely nothing they could give me. I feel sick in my stomach but also everywhere in my body like it is flowing within my veins... I will take your advice and go to gp, hopefully they can give me something, anything!


I started feeling sick/being sick at about 6-14 weeks, am now 21, I felt soo awful and very drained but I tried to eat the driest foods possible i.e biscuits, dry cereal. As babymother said try and eat though coz wen I didn't eat and felt hungry I felt worse, I will be honest between the times I was sick was the worst I have felt for an awfully long time and I got quite emotionally drained as I cudnt go out socially to eat or I cudnt enjoy cooking or an evening meal with my boyfriend and I cried lots as I just wanted it to end but by 14 weeks which I kno is a long time it went away now I am eating like before, try and keep hydrated, I find water boring so have squash. hope u feel btr xx

It's such an awful feeling but it does go away, what helped me a bit was love hearts, someone suggested them to me as they're chalky n balance the acid in ur stomach. Don't no how true that it but it worked for a while. As said above force urself to eat something and don't let ur stomach get empty as this is when it's at it worst. Good luck x

you need to keep an eye on your fluid intake more than food with sickness. if your not drinking enough or bringing it back up then go to your doctors as you will need an IV drip in hospital. i suffer bad with hyperemesis and spent 4 weeks in hospital when i was 8 weeks because i was being sick up to 60 times a day, not even a drop of water could pass my lips.

i find ready salted crisps help me in the morning. they are dry and salty. and as my consultant said yesterday carbohydrates are better. the salt in the crisps will make you that bit thirstier too. xx

My sister suffered with hyperemesis (severe morning sickness). She felt sick all day every day. The only things she could keep down were ice lollies and watermelon. The GP tried many different anti sickness tablets and injections. In the end it was a travel sickness that helped her. My sister had 2 very tough pregnancies but both the boys are perfect. Definately go speak to your GP as there are many things they can try.

No it's not normal, it sounds like hyperemesis which is a serious complication of pregnancy. There are loads of antiemetics you can take, your pharmacist was wrong. The trouble is that pharmacist, GP and midwife education in this country is very poor on the issue of pregnancy sickness so they don't know about the treatments. Have a look at pregnancysicknesssuppport.o... and pregnancysicknesssos.co.uk for information about treatments and how to get them. There's also a facebook group called Hyperemesis gravidarum and pregnancy sickness support. Pregnancy Sickness Support have a support network so you can talk to a former sufferer for moral support and they have a list of hyperemesis friendly doctors around the country that you can try if your doctor refuses to help you. You can prevent severe pregnancy sickness from developing into hyperemesis if you get treatment early enough. If not, you may become dehydrated and need hospital treatment to rehydrate you.

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Thank you for your help. I'm trying everything I hear or see. Not feeling lonely in all this is by far the best feeling.

THANK YOU ALL for your comments!!!!

I felt sick all day since week 4 until about week 17. I couldnt understand why they call it "morning sickness" when it lasted all day. Luckily I was not physically sick but felt sick and each time I ate something it was like a sea saw in my stomach/throat. I spoke to my friend who is a GP to get some advice and he said that ginger helps with sickness so my husband went shopping and got me everything with ginger (which after a weekend I grew to hate-the ginger not my husband). But ginger non alcoholic beer helped a bit and bread rolls and regular snacks (small ones) rather than waiting for breakfast lunch and dinner. I stopped excercising because I couldnt face it and drinking anything was a hard work also but it is important you make yourself to drink. The above comments are all valid. It will become easier but I completely feel for you. I will all be worth it in the end but if this gets really bad, please see your midwife or GP. Good luck.

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Thank you for your reply. Especially that after all these replies you still decided to tell me a few words.Did you check my other question(nickname woopsie). I'd like to hear your opinion.

I have not been able to sleep well from about five weeks onwards. Although my symptoms have been a little different to yours. I am having to go to the toilet and once back in bed I cannot go back to sleep. At the earlier stages of pregnancy I have been having stabbing / cramp like pain on left lower side of my stomach and wild noises and funny movements in my digestive system during the night. Due to this I have been feeling like a Zombie during the day due to lack of sleep but you just get used to it and if you get a moment later in the afternoon to snooze a little maybe just for 30mins, use it. It really helps. Now during the night I have entered a different stage of not being able to sleep. My stomach and boobs have suddently grown rapidly from last week to this one and I feel uncomfortable but still need to go to the toilet at least once and then I cannot sleep. I think it must be all those hormones in our bodies that are running wild and our bodies are trying to cope with all those changes. Lack of sleep can make you feel depressed and a bit moody so the actual feeling sick. It will all get better but as soon as one symptom change, there will be something else that we will have to learn to adjust to. My friends have told me that every pregnancy differs so it doesnt mean that when you have another baby in the future (and I hope you will not get put off by your current experience) you will have the same pregnancy. You may not experience any of these second time round. Please be patient, it will get better and hopefully there will be a part of your pregnancy that you will enjoy (I sincerely believe it). I feel for you.

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