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is their something wrong with me

hello ive been haveing alot of lower back pain when i walk up hills that ive never had before also have to use the toliet around 8 times a day maybe more my menstrual cycle has always been 2 to 3 days early or late but i was due to see on the 20th of march but never seen untill the 31st but their was no normal blood only brown sticky stuff after 3 days it stopped but since this ive had a bloating feeling under me belly and some dizzy spells i havent done a test as im afraid that i might not be pregnant as i have been heart broken in the past with the results ive tried everything but nothing seems to work ive been with my partner 2 years and we have never used protection as we was both the first people we had slept with is their something wrong

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Do a test if negative you can retest after a week and also see your doctor in the meantime. It does sound like you have irregular periods , but your doc would confirm, I'd reccomend if you trying to make a note of each cycle how long it lasts what the blood flow is like, it all helps to realise when u could possible ovulate. I found that I too was irregular have never planned for my first two but did with my third, I noticed that I ovulate 10 days after my period has started bleed normally lasting 4 days, but without doing 6 months of notes I'd never have known. Keep track. X good luck


Do a test but get a clear blue one. Good luck :-)


You need to do a test...if you are you need to start taking your folic acid...you should actually start taking them now, pregnancare conception is brilliant has lots of vitamins which can help boost fertility and contains folic acid, but if you have been trying for 2years you should see your g.p they will check you and your partners fertility...check to see if your hormones are working properly and your partners sperm count is ok, stress doesn't help with trying to concieve always happens when you least expect it! Good luck and go and get that test x


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