He's finally here :o)

After all the waiting and anticipation my son if finally here!!

Finlay was born on Friday 19 April and weighed 7lbs, 15.5 oz. As with my pregnancy, it wasn't all as smooth as I hoped....

After a few false starts and my waters breaking before I had any proper contractions I was booked in for an induction. The first few attempts didn't work, so I was stuck in a bed strapped to monitors for the best part of a day - which was super frustrating and not what I wanted in my birth plan.

Finally I was taken to go on a drip to get the contractions going, and boy did that drip work! Within 5 hours I was having epic contractions and on the gas and air (which was awesome!). When they finally did an internal exam because I was in a lot more pain than they thought I should have been, the midwife's face was a picture when she realised what everyone thought

was a head was actually a bum - he was trying to come out breach!!

I was rushed in for a c section, but by that point I welcomed it just to get him out without and more trauma. Because I was still on the gas and air I managed to make jokes in theatre to stop myself freaking out and even mooned my boyfriend and got busted by an anaethetist :o) It was odd being awake an knowing the surgeons were rooting around in there and I could just feel a gentle tugging sensation. But the first time I heard my baby cry I was just so happy and relieved he was ok. It was truly amazing..

The surgical team were brilliant, kept me calm and talked me through it, and had my baby on my chest for a cuddle in no time. I felt so blessed. And for the all the people who are dead against (or scared about) caesarian births I can say with all honesty - it's not bad at all. And your baby will have a lovely shaped head!!!!



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18 Replies

  • Wow!!

    Congrats on the arrival of baby Finlay! Xx

  • Congratulations hun!!!xx

  • Ah glad all was well in the end! Congratulations x

  • Wahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!


    Welcome to the world Finlay and mummy mumble-bee... you star! So very very happy for you!

    Made my day reading your blog! :) xxxx

  • Congratulations xxxxx

  • Congratulations :) xx

  • Congratulation to you on the birth of your son & thank god the medical team where there to

    get him out safely. Enjoy XXX :)

  • Congratulation what a lovely size too, :-) well done on the birth and enjoy being a new mummy, we are all still here for support in every way before pregnancy in pregnancy and after birth :-)

  • Congratulations on ur new arrival!

  • Congratulations to you and welcome to the world little Finlay.

    I remember after having my eldest by c section my dad used to joke that Craig didn't want his hair messed up so decided to make me have a section :D

  • Welcome to the World baby Finlay. And Congrats mummy. x

  • Congratulations x

  • Aw Congrats and thanks for the reassurance about c sections.. its my worst fear and i have heard it mentioned a lot during my pregnancy as at every app my baby is breach :( So happy everything worked out for you and baby Finlay xxx

  • Congrats Mumble-bee! Super-exciting. And very glad for you that everything went (relatively!) smoothly. xx

  • I'm having a c section next week as my baby is breech so it's great to here a positive story! Congratulations on your new arrival, how wonderful! X

  • congrats hun!!!!! :)

  • Congratulations thats fab news. sorry the birth plan didnt go as planned but still at least baby arrived safe and sound.

    Congratulations again xx

  • Aw congrats x

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