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blood tests

Hi, was curious if this happen with anyone else too as this is quite new to me.

Today at the appointment it took my mid-wife almost half hour to get my blood samples. She poked both my arms (one after another) - she found the vain right and I was also clenching my fist, had a band on top of my arm to make the blood flow easier - but the blood was dripping like a slow-going glucose drip.

I hate needles and this was the first time I had them for almost half hour in my body ! :(

I am eating well - lots of fruits and juices and spinach etc.

Did this happen to any of you?

i asked her what it is and she said probably I am low on iron content (which she also thinks is a reason for me feeling depressed lately - but only the blood test can tell for sure !)

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Her excuse is total bull crap - most likely is she wasn't fully in the vein. Try not to worry - it was almost certainly her, not you!! X


thank God - I hope she do it right next time my arms hurt !! xoxo


Hi DF I'm interested to see ur response to this as I normally have no probs giving blood but last time the midwife fought with both my arms claiming veins had collapsed at the time I thought she was talking rubbish x


She almost certainly was! A bad workman and all that jazz!!! It's poor form to blame your patient! That said, as a doctor I always have the luxury of being able to perform a 'femoral stab' if obtaining a sample is really that difficult! Much kinder than multiple attempts on the arms/legs!! :-)


My veins are notoriously stingy - they never give my blood away without a fight and I always end up with a massive bruise, I've had a double appointment booked for my next check up as I'm due to give a blood sample and it always takes an age!

I've never heard of it being blamed on low iron, and as my iron levels are always on the high side I'd be inclined to ignore that little pearl of wisdom! X


Pearl of wisdom - hahahaha !!

somehow glad to know i am not alone ;)


I've had nurses struggle to get my blood out and spend quite some time trying to get me to flow properly... I think it's definitely their technique, I'm not scared of the needles and end up laughing if a nurse struggles a bit and I make jokes. I'm certain I'm not a cyborg... or am I?! ;)


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