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Fainted at work today!

Hi All,

I am 13 weeks pregnant and have felt fine so far other than tiredness in the afternoons. I have had my scan and all was ok.

However today at work I suddenly felt sick and then all of a sudden really faint, I told my boss I felt faint, she said come stand by the window and get some fresh air, so I did, and the next thing I knew I was on the floor with loads of people surrounding me! I felt fine about 10 minutes later but it did shake me up a bit.

My midwife is unavailable but the doctors got a nurse to ring me who said as long as I haven't had any pain or bleeding all should be ok, but if it starts to happen regularly go and see the doctor.

Has anyone else fainted at around this stage of pregnancy, any idea what it could be (low blood pressure?), or probably just 'one of those things'



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I do get times where I feel very dizzy and not quite right so have to sit down drink a glass of cold water and wait for it to pass..could be blood pressure or ur iron is a bit low...make sure you eat little and often and drink plenty and if you feel like that again try and lay down hopefully it was a one off x


Hiya, congratulations!!!! I'm currently 20 weeks pregnant with twins tomorrow and I fainted when I was around fourteen weeks pregnant and I got a scare too!! With me it was low blood pressure, but best to get your iron levels checked too I did but mine was fine :) I found that eating a bit more regular and a bit extra sugar and plenty of fluids sorted me right out and fingers crossed I've been good for a few weeks now. Take care xx


Thanks Kazzacollie, it's reassuring to know that it happened to you too! Congratulations to you too, twins wow that will be an exciting handful :-)


Don't panic, there's probably nothing serious behind it. I posted a similar question when I fainted twice in weeks 12-13 and also had numerous bouts of dizziness and feeling light-headed. Give your midwife a call when you can as mine wanted to just give me a once over in case my blood pressure was low, she also double checked I wasn't diabetic but all was fine.

In my case I found that the dizzy spells were a symptom of not eating often enough - even if I wasn't feeling hungry I would graze on dried fruit and nuts, bananas and cheese and crackers and made sure I was drowning myself with fluids! I'm 17 weeks now and seem to be over it - it does give you a real fright though!

These little babies drain all of our energy ;-) take care x


hello i went very light headed and dizzy at 11 weeks 2 weeks before my scan, no one around me knew i was pregnant, they sat me down gave me some water and then my mums boss said, are you pregnant? i was in her office at the time collecting something for her as she was having a difficult time, therefore i put mine down to it being lunchtime and had not eaten anything and stress levels very high, a biscuit and a glass of water and i was fine again

x x x


It's totally normal - my 'best faint to date' was at 16 weeks in a morning rush hour central line tube! Face planted a grab pole!! So embarrassing, especially when someone pulled the emergency leaver, and a man trying to be nice and helpful shouted to see if there was a doctor or a nurse in the carriage... Talk about my dented ego!!


Wow thanks everyone for responding, I am sure everything is fine, just needed some reassurance.

Wow DrFluffy that must have been so embarrassing, but bless that man for trying to help you. I thought it was bad enough about 10 people in my office crowding round me, I should be thankful I wasn't on the tube :-)


I felt guilty promising him I would go straight to hospital... To be fair, I kept my promise... :-p


about 10/11 weeks I had about 2 weeks of feeling very light headed and faint and very sick, I never fainted but I had to sit on the floor as it felt like I was going to, I spoke to a friend who is a midwife at the time as its my first pregnancy and she just said the same as the nurse said to u and just to keep drinking and whenever u need a break take one. if it continues tho then maybe go and see someone but as I think u see its quite common xx


I was about 10 weeks when I first suffered from exactly what you have described. The first time I was rushed to hospital and omitted for the night...the cause was never really found but I do generally suffer from low blood pressure so this may have caused it. I had another episode the weekend just gone and this time I did not have to go to hospital but was still checked out. I was told my blood sugar levels were on the low side and again my blood pressure was low. So my advice would be to make sure you always carry something sugary on you so that as soon as you start feeling any symptoms you have something which may help to relieve them. Also to ease any anxiety I was told that this happens more often than not in pregnancy and is unfortunately very common! hope this has helped


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