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When did you tell your employer you were pregnant?

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I had to tell my employer as soon as I found out at 5 weeks due to my job. I work in the chemical industry and would be exposed to hazardous chemicals. Therefore an early risk assessment was vital!

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i had to tell mine when i was about 5 weeks as i couldnt walk in the snow and 2 weeks later i ended up in hospital with hyperemesis until i was 13 weeks pregnant. so they all knew then

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I had to tell my employer as soon ad i found out as I'm a junior doctor and was working in HIV medicine at the time, managing patients with Parvo virus, Toxo, secondary syphilis, listeria meningitis, Hep B, Hep C, and just about every first trimester nasty you can think of!!!

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I told then as soon as I knew. If anything went wrong again, I learnt having my managers support with work was so helpful to help through the difficult time. Thankfully this time everything is going well, and he is more excited than me!

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I told my manager and administrator at about 8 weeks as I was so tired I couldn't function. Told everyone at 12.

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I needed to tell my employer relatively early as I'm a teacher and the timetables for the new year were being done, it was the correct thing to make them aware that someone else would soon after the holidays have to take over my classes.

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I told mine at 6 weeks as I work with cancer patients having radiation treatment and chemotherapy. Regardless of that, having my head stuck down the toilet and my face 50 shades of green gave the game away!!

I did told mine at four weeks due to been classified as high risk and it didn't goes down too well, I've work for the company for 5 years and the way I been treated is unbelievable, I don't have any kids so I need to start my own family in my own time, finding cover was never a problem so I did find it very uncomfortable, in the end I had a miscarriage and now I am pregnant just 4 weeks now and there's no chance I will tell anyone until I am 12-13 weeks, if they found out for then self, then it's up to then but I will never allow history to repeat itself. I am quite small so I even start showing already. I am well aware of the risk assessment, so I know what to do and what not to do until I feel comfortable in telling them. I was so disappointed when I told them the first time, I felt as if I was borrowing someones womb to carry my baby. Things only settle down when I threaten then with legal action, because I was so stress out they were forcing me to give up the job so maybe they don't have to pay me maternity pay. I still have the lovely e-mail I sent to the company and the one I receive was so disgusting I am still at lost for words.

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pixiemand in reply to

It outrageous I could quote policy at/for u but its pointless. Im in a similar position now myseld with m employer the nhs


I told my manager when I was 6 weeks not because I had to but because she is like a mum to me and I tell her everything she was lovely and looked after me and if I was ill she just told me to phone in and say I was sick due to pregnancy symptoms as at my work if ur ill with pregnancy symptoms you cant be punished, I work at Gatwick security and do body searching (patting down) and used to do 12 hr shifts so quite hard work and long days but my boss was amazing and has been so supportive :)

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I told my manager st 5 weeks as im a radiographer and needed to reduce some of the areas I would normally work in such as operating theatres. Also as I suffer from M.E. and wasn't sure how the pregnancy would affect my symptoms.

My manager has been fantastic and very supportive and when I asked to temporary adjust my hours for a week or two she has done so with a smile. Its such a relief.

I don't plan on telling anyone else till after my scan.

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cheekymonkey3791 in reply to deemuir

I'm not a radiographer but am Vet Nurse and was removed from regular duties such as Radiography and Theatre. I have been a Ward and Clinic nurse since January, I miss the Surgery and have tried to get back into theatre but my managers are reluctant to let me go back in despite my request for a second risk assessment which says they agree I can do sporadic days, Oh well, 6 weeks to go before I go on leave!

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I told my manager soon as I knew because I have to do heavy lifting at work and didn't want to put myself at risk, I don't plan on telling anyone else until further along

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I had to tell my nurse manager as soon as I knew as I have many work hazards which can affect the baby and as I had previous MC only 4 months before I was not going to take any risks during this critical growth period. She was told in confidence and then a few others had to be informed so that I could be rostered accordingly. I went public at 12 weeks but many had already guessed as I had changed how I work!

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Needed to adjust my excessive workload to remove some of the stress. They were fine abut it. I know I am lucky because of that. Little worried they won't keep it confidential but Heath of little pea is more important than gossip.

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I had to tell my boss at about 6 weeks as they were typically doing a massive office move meaning lots of heavy lifting etc so I had no choice about it.

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I told mine at 6 weeks due to nature of my job as a ticket inspector on trains I am frequently exposed to abuse and violence.

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I had to tell my employer quite early, as I had complications from 8weeks. It was the best thing I could have done, my manager was very supportive and also meant that work was one less thing to worry about.

This has been reported too btw

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I told my managers at about 6 weeks as I knew they'd be willing to help me. I had to reduce my timetable and overall workload, so I told rest of the staff in the school where I work at 8 weeks. Everyone has been so supportive, especially as they have all been at my side during the 4 years of challenges we've had to go through to get this far.

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I told mine at 10 weeks, I work in a school and they were planning on placing me as a 1:1 support with a child who displays violent outbursts towards staff and other children. They were very supportive from the word go and needless to say did not place me with this child.

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I told mine a as soon as I knew as I work within the field of mental health and it can be violent. I was pregnancy risk assessed but still placed in vulnerable position s due to my manager s lack of knowledg

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I kept it a secret from work until nearly 13 weeks, by then it was getting a bit obvious. When I told my manager he congratulated me and then laughed and said he thought I looked a bit pregnant when I asked him if we could have a meeting, and that it explained a lot about my recent moods.

I work with my other half...so he pretty much found out when I did!!

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I told my boss at 4 weeks, we are pretty close friends and I was too excited to keep it a secret any longer.


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I told my head teacher (I worked in a school ). as soon as I found out. This is because I knew we had had cases of various nasties and school sent home maternity staff due to risks, when there was an outbreak.

After waiting for so long, no way was I risking our potential bump.

They were fine about it. and luckily had No reasons to send me home, and staff were told after 3 months, when we went 'public'. School community later on.

My head said she knew it was unofficial the telling at such at early point, but at least she knew could support staff with any health with issues. Which prevented many later problems. (Those that chose to tell her)

I told my employer at 10 weeks. I wanted to wait until my scan at 13 weeks but I've started to show (fourth pregnancy) and was advised it's better to tell her before she guesses! I was pooping myself telling her as I have only been there 5 months but she has been very supportive.

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Having experienced a previous ectopic pregnancy I had an early pregnancy scan at five weeks, so I made my manager aware of my pregnancy status then, I did ask her to keep it quite until after my 12 week scan. Some of my colleagues guessed my status (I'm a nurse) prior to the 12 weeks others did not know I was pregnant until I stated to show a bump by which time I was 6 months gone.

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My first pregnancy (Last year), I told my employer when I was 8 weeks, after I had been for a early viability scan, due to cramping and spotting, I had only been in the company 8 weeks. I had my midwife appointment on the Monday , had the scan on the Tuesday and told them Tuesday afternoon, as I was very upset to learn that my dates might be off or the baby had stopped growing at 5 and a half weeks. On the Wednesday morning I was told to go and see the manager, who along with HR, decided to sack me! saying "it wasn't working" when it was obviously due to the fact I was pregnant.

I took them to tribunal and settle out of court, but had a miscarriage at 10 weeks, it was devastating. I am working for a company who have a great working relationship with the Unions and have a fantastic maternity package. I am currently almost 6 weeks and have only told my supervisor so I can arrange for time off for scans.

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First pregnancy very late 2013, I had to tell employer @ around 7 weeks as did test 23rd Dec, then started bleeding (was an early miscarriage) & had to have time off for scan straight after Xmas hols, 10th Jan scan showed miscarriage. They were supportive.

Second pregnancy - new employer nearer home - told boss at round 8 weeks due to decamping to new office over summer 2014; knew I couldn't lift pc, etc. would've told them later otherwise. Boss supportive at first, but very funny about me working p/t after birth since; still considering whether I want the hassle or to look for other job as have good education & skills so could easily do something else.

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I got offered a job the same day I found out I was pregnant! I told them then and there on the phone about my new situation and they said it didn't make any difference to my offer of employment. Once I found out I was having twins they even let me change my contract to part time. I have been very lucky.

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I had to tell mine as soon as I found out because I have to lift heavy equipment and work with children. X

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My colleague accidently blurtted it out lol...

I had severe sickness problem, and during lunch my colleagues would fuss around me trying to get me to eat something and thats when my employer once walked in and heard! Must say it was hilarious. But personally, 12-15wks is around the time i would have shared the news anyway :)

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I had to tell my employer early as I have ME and didn't know how it was going to affect me, pregnancy sickness is protected and wouldn't harm my sickness record and trigger any performance reviews. It was a good thing as I needed a lot of time off due to severe fatigue during my first tri. They have also been supportive in allowing me to work from home when needed so I can fit in my appointments much easier and I even have an emergency evacuation plan in case of fire so I don't have to worry about potentially being pushed on the stairs

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I told my boss at 10weeks but didn't go on meaternety leave in till I was 8 months

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I told my employers when I was 9 weeks due to heavy lifting and long periods of being on my feet. I sent a formal letter in at 12 weeks. Only had one risk assessment so far (24 weeks) and although Management suggested measures to be put in place, this wasn't done straight away. Its only been since 33 weeks that my driving has decreased (after my decision to drop meetings!). My advice - be persistent with management. Im due to go off on Maternity Leave in 3 weeks and haven't had a single maternity assessment review!

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I pretty much told them as soon as i found out - my job is very physical and thought it was only fair to both parties. Also i wear my heart on my sleeve there is no way i could hide it, from management if anything happened.

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I told my bosses due to having time off for ivf treatment so they were keen to find out how I was doing, managed to hold off until after early scan at 7+2 by saying still going through the process. I told my colleagues at 17 weeks when I started to show

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I told my employer the day after I found out. I am a chemotherapy nurse and there are a lot of things I can't do when pregnant so told my manager as soon as I felt out so I could stay safe.

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I was fortunate to not have any sickness so waited until I had, had my scan before sharing the news with work.

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I had to disclose it early due to hyperemesis from 5 weeks. My employer has been amazing as I had almost 11 weeks off work. If I had not been so unwell I would probably have waited until 12 weeks.

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I haven’t told my employer yet as it is the end of the year and annual review time which eventually feeds into bonus/raise discussions as I believe this would have affected my pay increase. I work in banking, so why would they want to pay me more when I am just about to take a year off. The little they know the better. I will tell them in the new year.

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Had to tell my manager earlier than we wanted to due to COVID and ending up in hospital with a threatened miscarriage when I was meant to be in work.

Otherwise would have waited to at least 12 week. Ideally longer.

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I had to tell them as I work in an office and during COVID we have to do a risk assessment

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I have been working from home for over a year now so didn’t tell anybody until we had a private scan just before the 12 weeks scan to make sure everything was okay first. I was worried about my work knowing as there’s a lot on but they took it really well and glad I have shared it as I don’t feel I’m hiding anything.