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I can’t get relief from costochondritis

. I can’t take nsaids . I’m on tramadol (already on it for fibromyalgia) muscle relaxants and now gabapentin and lidocaine patches. I want to die ! This is terrible pain I get severe sternal chest tightness abs then my back feels like it will collapse. I was initially diagnosed with pericarditis ( now resolved ) then a couple weeks later costochondritis and now gastritis / reflux from the steroids . I did 5 days of prednisone ( bad side effects and had to get off prematurely ) and then did a 11 day medrol pack. I’m losing my mind I feel like I’ll never feel normal again and be able to go back to work.

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Hi Nickel I have costocondritis also. What I use is an herb called BF AND Cthe full name is Bone Flesh And Cartalige. It works wonders for me. It's the only thing I have found that helps as it heals the flesh and cataloged. It also helps for me to ease some of the pain as it works on the inflammation of the rib lining. Where I live I can only buy it at the health food store. If they don't have it ask if they can order it for you. It's well worth it. From Country Gal