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My Pain Fibro
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Getting Results with CBD

After ten years of feeling like my life was over and "settling" for just "existing", I finally decided to try CBD for my Fibromylagia, Degenerative Disk Disease, etc. The results so far have been amazing! I do need to try a little stronger dose for the breakthrough pain, but I'm hopeful. I can "think", focus on a thought for more than 20 seconds, feel more confident, less anxious, appetite is improving, sleep schedule and regularity is back to normal, and even my hair is growing back in and healthier.

I've gone from 90 prescription pills a week down to 42 so far. Some of them are non-negotiable because I have genetic cholesterol and heart issues, plus my thyroid was killed in 1999.

I'm excited and determined to finally reclaim my life, but I'm also a little scared. Does that sound weird? This disability has been part of my "identity" for many years and during that time, I isolated myself from everyone and everything. I'm not sure I know how to function in person socially anymore and it sounds nuts but that's the way it is. Has anyone else withdrawn - and actually "likes" it, the way I do? I've always been an introvert, but not anywhere near this level.

Anyway, I try not to share too much about my deepest feelings and thoughts, especially online, so I will just end by saying that if anyone wants to know more about non-psychoactive CBD or how to choose a reputable source, feel free to inbox me or comment. I've done a lot of studying over the past several months and also love to help people (from a distance, lol). I get mine from phytocbds.com and just ordered the 1000mg full spectrum (minus THC) that has 70% CBD so it should only take a couple drops a day to address this pain I still have. It's great because I don't need a medical card or prescription to get it and they ship it worldwide to almost every zip code...so I don't have to venture out to "see" someone.

Wishing everyone pain-free days, healing and happiness. :) Thanks for listening

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My dad is going to be trying CBD oil that he got a prescription card for. I am looking into the ones made from hemp.


Hello pain feleif seeker. I might seem unlearned. But what is CBD.I've never heard of it. I'm willing to try anything at thins point. I'm like you I take hors of pills every day. I'm so sick of taking them as there's so many side effects that I have to deal with every day. I look forward to hearing about this med your taking.

Thanks in advance Country Gal