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NHS - Holistic Day Service Programme


Just wondering if anyone has attended the NHS Holistic Day Service Programme?

Its a 4 day workshop. I think it involves relaxation, coping, counselling and massage. I will attend a Monday, Wednesday, Friday and then you go for a follow up day 6 weeks later.

If anyone has attended this please can you give me a bit of insight into whether you found it beneficial or not. Using annual leave to attend and just hope its not a waste but tried everything else and pretty much all there is left for me.


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Hi sue, unfortunately I can’t help as I haven’t heard of it, however, it sounds interesting and definitely worth trying. I hope you find it beneficial and get some relief from it. Good luck xxx


Thanks. x


Hi, can you provide us with an update after? How did you hear about it??


Will do.

My doctor referred me for it, discharged from pain clinic and nothing else left to try. Originally it used to be you were admitted to the hospital for 4 days to enable you to be totally in the zone and focus purely on this a nothing else but the funding got chopped so they had to change it.

It was previously offered to me but I had always refused it as I didn't have very good employers at the time, I've bit the bullet and I'm doing it but using annual leave days for the time off.


We need more of those