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Hello, I'm new to this site. I was diagnosed with Fibro almost 10 years ago. I have experienced the numbness, pain and stiffness from getting up from a sitting position. I also have deginerative disc in my lower back and nerve damage in my neck from getting thrown from a horse. I also experience joint pressure pain at night, which causes me to wake up during the night hurting. I have been on 10mg. Of hydrocodone (noroco) for 10 years now. Without this medication my quality of life would be next to nothing. I went to my Dr. yesterday, I have been going to him for the last 10 years also. He informed me that he could no longer write the prescription of 60 Noroco's because of a new law that only allows 30 pills a month

He also informed me the reason being that Medicaid would no longer pay for the 60. I informed him that I did not have Medicaid that I had Medicare which I had called to see if they would pay for my normal prescription. They told me yes they would that they had nothing to do with Medicaid. Could someone please tell me what is going on?

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Hi Roark, wow - I think your doctors office is a little confused. What I think I would do if it were me, is go your pharmacy and get a note from them that shows that Medicare will allow payment for 60 Norco, and take that to the doctor. Hopefully that would take care of it...

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Hi I'm in Canada and I'm on hydrocordone as well . My medical covers 90 pills per 3 months. But I'm on only 3mg 3 times per day.which helps so far.depends on the coverage you have. You might have to get a letter from your Dr to appeal what you need from your medical coverage. Many appeals work well. Don't know what you've tried but that's what I am able to do.