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Feeling a little more healthier 😊

Hello everyone

I haven't been online for a while... When I got my fitbid I wanted to change things with my routine and I have made some changes to my diet too 😊

With having fibromyalgia my weight was going up & up due to not moving around too much with the pain and the side effects of medications and comfort eating at all hours of the day or night as I'm sure I'm not the only one hopefully 😊

I started with my fitbid at 3000 steps a day and a couple of months went by that I was doing more then 3000 steps so I decided to change it to 5000 steps a day and one and only once a very good day I managed it to 10000 steps but I did pay for it for quite a few days 😊

I don't manage it everyday as I still have bad days too I just do things slow 😊

I looked into smoothies to see if I could help myself as I don't know about other Fibro peeps my routine was to get up and take my 1st meds then 30 minutes later take my other meds but I wouldn't eat till the afternoon then I would just pick all day

With trial and error I found out which smoothies I liked and I surprised myself that they weren't all that bad after I started to have them for breakfast and I have felt better within myself and I have more energy and I was very surprised to find out that I have lost 10lbs since I started 😊