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Doctors advice

I am confused.

Firstly I read here that polymyalgia does not have a cure but it is inflammation of the blood the pain, the pain of which is controlled by steroids and may go into remission until something triggers a flare.

My dr said today that he has warned several patients, that steroids are a dangerous drug which can cause diabetes. I must also take the alendronic acid tablet once a week as it is a vital protection. He never offers a bone density test.

I have the feeling he not very experienced in polymyalgia does anyone agree or have I misunderstood?

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Sorry I didn't really finish my last post. My doctor advised that pmr can certainly be cured and he has seen patients cured. This is what I find confusing as my understanding is that even in remission pmr can flare at any time as it is not cured just sleeping as such.

Am I correct?


I'm a great believer in homeopathy and it appears Sycotic Co (Baccillus Sycoccus) works. It won't harm you to try it, but it important to remember, it can't work with steroids.

I hope this helps.