Fibromyalgia is it getting worse?

I been working all my life since I was 15. I was a Gumnast, cheerleader, track and field , and all those crazy things in sports. In my early 20 i started to have my hips lock up when I will sit or stand the wrong way.. ok i can manage with that. In 2003 i started working for busy companies that had a lot of physical work inside and outside the work place. I started getting the symptoms of carpal tunnel in 2008 but was ignoring them. 2012 I got a new job working for a very successful job company that I was so happy because it's not easy to get in. I only worked part time if you weren't management (which I wasn't) Thank God. In 2013 from some odd reason I started with sinusitis (which I suffered all my careers) but this time I had to had sinus ballon bypass surgery which was no big deal and my job didn't find out bcz of HIPPA. I would work only at night bcz that was my choice. My joints started to hurt, joints, hips, Carpal Tunnel got worse, and my lower back (lumber). That's when everything went down hill but I was a fighter not giving up. In 2014 I had an emergency hysterectomy and of course i went back to work after 2 month recovery and I was fine. Mid 2014 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia , hip bursitis. Trochanteric bursitis ( from playing softball and stilling bases which cause you to slide on your hips. I went to a PM Dr who diagnosed me with everything and everything of the symptoms of Fibro. In late 2015 , I had a boss who make work my tale off and of course I wouldn't give up even though they had to know my condition because the work I was doing was fast but easy as can be. For me being too stubborn because I would go to PM Dr. every week and get shots (not steroids) so I can be productive at work. Every time someone is absent I would take their responsibility from standing, sitting, etc, later on in 2015 I came home work around 5-6 am. I would do my usual routine by cleaning, painting when I was going to sell my house. One day I came home and into the day I got into an acciden at home with a garbage can full of stones and rocks. I don't remember how it happened but I know I was stuck underneath the garbage can laying on my left hip for over 2 hrs. After my husband heard me scream from downstairs, he pulled it off but it took him a couple of times bcz this crap weight about 200+. Got to the hospital and thank God nothing broken but I was told that my potassium was extremely low. I was on short disability for 8 months and I had to resign bcz my body felt physical incapable to go back to this or any. My question to you out there that has Fibro like I do. When you wake up in the morning. Do you stand up in pain from your feet up and walk little by little till you move a lot to walk normal? Or when you get in your car and drive miles to your final destination and you can't stand straight when you come out of the car. Once your ok you just shop till your back starts to hurt bad. Again I get on my car and I feel good again until I get home and I'm in excruciating pain where the muscle relaxer, Gabapentin, Klonopin, Prozac didn't work so I just get into bed and rest but my body still feels uncomfortable that I'm so miserable. I have 2 herniated disc on my L4/L5, my lumber is shot out, my fingers get numb, any position my bones hurts and yes I was also have severe arthritis as well. I'm 45 and I have no income or insurance because I can't afford it. My questions to all these heath issues. It is true that because of my age it's not easy to get SSD in the state of NC? Looking for answers? Sorry for my long physical and emotional issues. Before I forget the reason I'm afraid to get s job it's because if I stand in one place my back hurt, if I move around for s period of time like bending, twisting, my back will get stuck in pain. If I sit for a few minute that my body is relax. I can't stand straight because when I do my mid back is in constant pain.

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  • I can relate....

    I feel so betrayed by our SS system.

    When so many receive help that have not even contributed to this country..

    Where is the justice and what happened to taking care of our own?

  • That's what upsets me. So many gets them without any work ethic which is not fair for others who worked, paid taxes, and SS for when need it. Its impossible especially that it would be hard for me to get a steady job.

  • ... hi .... I'm madge ... since you were told you were low in potassium do you take potassium supplements ..


  • I don't take Potassium supplements because I always ate healthy but the reason my potassium was real low it was because I was working extra hard working hours but not eating enough like I should.

  • look up Potassium deficiency .. and see if you recognise yourself in the answer

    Look up magnesium deficiency ... and do the same

    look up Vitamin B deficiency same

    look up B 12 deficiency same

    Look up D3 deficiency same

    Look up Thyroid supplements ....

    .........and check out what supplements are best to take for your condition .

    there's so much to learn , thyroid disease will deplete your body of so many vitamins and minerals ... that need to be replaced before you can feel better.

    Good Luck


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