Fibromyalgia,Sciatica due to L4/L5 disk degeneration & work stuck in a rut!

Hi all,

I started a new job around 2 year ago in nov this year & i love it but about a month after starting i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I informed work as i started on 28hrs im now down to 20 hrs per week iv had my sciatica since 2007/08 & managed with pain relief. Since starting my new job i started getting laryngitis & tonsilitis alot at one time i had it once every month my gp sent me for a larynxscopy & everything was healthy & the consultant said u have muscles in you voicebox & larynx and its a symptom of my fibro so its something i dont have control over 😕 and just happens so it affects work as i work in a nhs/private appt call centre. Now in feb i started with bad back,hip & thigh pain & as usual i thought it was my sciatica i went for a MRI it shown disk degeneration of the L4/L5 NO OP NEEDED thankfully. Then 3 weeks ago i got a sharp spasm in my back & collapsed i could move or sit i took medication id normally take for my fibro but it wasnt working then i managed to get to the gp i couldnt sit stand etc & he couldnt examine me because of the pain i was in he gave me diazepam and more oramorph which was prescribed to me in feb just to help with the severe pain it then took me an hour to get out of the car my partner was going to call an ambulance but i managed to move. The following day i was totally immobile and couldnt move and an ambulance was called as the meds wasnt working. They have just put it dwn to sciatica and my fibro the pain still bad and im off sick this is my 2nd week ok sick i have another 3 off. I feel guilty because i love the job but im always off im dont know what to do should i quit but then it would mean try and claim benefits. I have always worked im only 33 and feel like im 90 and past it. Any ideas im on loads off meds to and currently using a crutch for support in walking sorry for the life story but i dont know what else to do thanks buzbi

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  • I am so sorry for you as I am 57 and have all the same symtoms as you. I have given up my Career but I mange the pain and I refuse to let it take over my life.

  • I just dont know what to do. Its not fair on the company i work for and im always off sick. Stuck in a rut really!! :-/

  • You r not alone .feel free to vent here.we will listen and sympathise as we know just how you feel.I have similar illnesses and was diagnosed in my early thirties now I'm 37 and some days I cry at the life I feel I am missing out on and the thought of another 30 plus years feeling like this web as you say u already feel ancient.unfortunately sometimes we can't stay in employment .could you ask to reduce your work vhours further or work from home ?

  • I have reduced my hours to 20 hrs pw but its not helping having the added stress off worrying zbout being off work doesnt help either iv come to the desition ill have to resign.

  • I hope you feel a bit better now you have made a decision about work.if it doesn't cause financial worries you are better off concentrating on you. It's a horrible feeling like you r letting others down wen you go off sick and stress makes fibro worse.maybe in the future once you get the hang of managing symptoms and what your limitations r you might b able to go back to work.concentrate on you just now and don't feel guilty for doing so.we r hear for u.excuse my spelling sometimes my brain doesn't fire on all cylinders. :)

  • Hi welcome to fibromyalgia you get used to managing with the symptoms you have then then something elce happens l am 59 and left work 7 years ago due to fibromyalgia l have nerve and muscle pain and anything elce that comes with it . So there are others out there the same.

  • Im only 33 and im thinking should i give up work or not my heads all over the place as its 1 thing after another then i stress and have a flare i worry alot about work and what they will do this is added stress also.