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Need to find help so i can get out of my bed more then 70 % of my life

Hiya all I am a 53 year old woman who has been suffering for over 20 years and it's not just Fibromyagia that i have been suffering from along with diabetes and arthritis. I had a great doctor. And he passed away so had to look for another one it took me almost three years. Now the one that have just keeps cutting back on my pain medication now I am getting worse day by day. I live in Toronto Ontario Canada is there any one out here that has any ideas. Please let me know Thankyou Eleanor

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I think you should finds a new doctor. I dont know how TO is with the doctor shortage in other parts of Canada but if its at all possible look for another one to see. Also have you tried medical Marijuana? that may help with some of the pain. I am pretty sure its legal in TO.


Do you sleep lots ? I can't get out of bed because I exhaust myself til I pass out but then I can't wake up.