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Burning arms

I have terrible burning in my arms and I was wondering if anyone else has this or if It could possibly be a nerve issue. And my arms itch and tingle especially in my hands. I'd take any info or advice I'm at my wits end

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Hi I too have pains in my arms really bad tingling and my hands and arm goes numb I went to doctors yesterday and he told me it's a nerve issue sending me for tests. Does it keep you awake like me ? Hope you feel a little better soon try and see your doctor take care xxlinda


Thanks I was told the same thing and yeah I do have a horrible time sleeping this is awful I have carpel tunnel but I have to wonder if that's what's causing the burning


You might want be checked for arthritis or copo tunnel

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Thanks I was told I have carpel tunnel but I'm wondering if that's what causes the burning


I also suffer with this, I use a mixture of lavender, frankincense & helicrysum essential oils in baby oil & massage it in. Also magnesium oil (from health shop) is good, I rub some into my arms and keep soaking my arms in sink of warm water or wrap a warm towel around & let the magnesium soak in. Instant relief for a while & it gradually gets a little better. Not sure if it ever goes away as I've still got a really painful left hand at times. Hope this helps



Thank you I'm willing to try anything