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New to the group and wanting diagnoses

Hello to everyone, I have been tested for arthritis and it was negative. I had realised something felt wrong for a long time and when I felt things were getting worse I finally decided I wanted answers. I searched my symptoms online and I ticked most of the boxes for FM and it felt like I finally had an answer to what I was experiencing. The stiffness, aches, pains and always feeling tired was the worst for me, and then my face started burning frequently. Sometimes so bad I felt I was getting ill but nothing happened. This is when I said enough was enough so the GP has referred me to a place in Bridgwater and I am awaiting this to come through. Just being able to talk with other sufferers about my experience of it and receiving understanding and not the 'man up' attitude I usually get from people when I hardly mention it, is really helpful. I wanted to say hello and ask if anyone else experiences a burning face with stinging eyes frequently?


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Im new to this & recently diagnosed with FMS. I've just experienced two trips to A & E with head pain and very painful eyes, dry & felt like I was blinking razor blades, forehead was burning and thought my head would explode. I find it very difficult to get any sense of this, some say it can be a typical symptom and others say different so Im always left confused and afraid. It's a nightmare, do you agree

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