Pregnancy and Thyroid


I am wondering if someone can help me - I am only 22 so this isn't something I'm considering immediately but in the near future I definitely want to have children. I have heard a few horror stories recently, of how people with Hashimotos find it really hard to fall pregnant.

I have had Hashimotos since I was 18 and my thyroid is non-existent - I have continuous issues with it and I'm really struggling at the moment. I don't have periods, they stopped when I was diagnosed and I've since had the mirena coil put in, which probably prevents them further.

On top of that I suffer with migraines and I am on candesartan. I don't know whether or not this would effect anything?

This probably seems a really vague post but it's something I'm worrying about and if it is going to take a while, id rather know now and whether or not someone else is having these worries and problems.

Thanks in advance!