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Fibromyalgia and costochondritis

Hi Everyone, I started getting terrible burning pains between my shoulder blades about 5/6 years ago and felt I could not lift my arms and felt tired, other symptoms appeared,but I just thought that I had pulled a muscle and it would go, unfortunately it only went for short periods and i just put up with it for about a year, I was referred to local hospital and was given some exercises and some Nortriptyline, a long story short, these help a little and only when the spells of pain are not too troublesome, I have also since been diagnosed with costochondritis, I have been going through a very bad spell for a couple of months now, and i am being referred back to the clinic, not sure what else can be done. I try to remain active with my grandchildren and swim at least three to four mornings as I know this helps, I do try to rest but find this difficult, having been a very active person all my life . It is so difficult when nothing can be found on all your tests, but it is reassuring to know that it is not just me, but many other unfortunately have this dreadful fibromyalgia. I am sending to all of you a wish that you do not have too many bad days and soon they will come up with a cure.

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Hi thanks for your kind health wishes and same right back at you,how did you get on when you went back to the pain clinic?im currently awaiting on my Dr's having an aha! Moment  i couldve been to med school &back myself awaiting on a diagnosis but it's either fibro or m.s hoping theyll be more clued in after this fibro awareness in Glasgow next week then my drs app is on 4th may


Have you tried using a heat pad for the costochondritus. I also use a lavender oil mixed in some baby oil and massage at night, I find the lavender is a really good natural anti inflammatory and relaxes the chest muscles. Good luck and hope you feel better soon.


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