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Happy pain free as poss new year

just wanted to wish everyone a happy and as healthy a new year as is possible. Here is to finding a cure for Chronic Pain and Fybro. I have decided to come off of all my meds in the new year (with the help of gp) I have been on the strong medication for so many years and I want to see if my pain that i still endure everyday is any different without the meds and if my pain becomes worse then maybe we can try and find a med that helps somewhat....after 9 years I am desparate to try something new and even if i come off the meds My head will feel clearer and I will have No hideous side effects. Did anyone else see the programme on 2nd nov BBC 1 ..."hooked on painkillers" if you can find it on download it is worth watching and makes you really think...anyway that is my new year resolution to come off my existing meds.

Happy New Year and if you can manage to party have a good time for me as i am in bed not good this new year. I have wonderful family, friends and especially my husband so we will curl up and watch a film....perfect in my world xx

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Hello I'm fairly new to this group. I don't no about anybody else but the Fibro /cronic pain is terrible, and due to the fact I have a liver problem I can't take many pain meds. so I have become good friends with my heating pad, and Seroquel. That's the only way I make it. If you have any ideals plz share.