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Hi, I'm Jes I'm your new neighbor. Nice to meet you. Thought I would say hi! ☺️ I'm sorry what are your names again? I will never remember, I'm sorry 🀣 I'm horrible at names, and having MS doesn't help.🀣

Then the question...

What's MS? So answer me this my friends? How do YOU answer?


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Good morning SUNSHINE!

MS is to me...

Painful, debilitating, confusing, frustrating, humbling, consuming, challenging, spiritual, love generating, attitude adjustment and much more, but most importantly it has shown me that my life is not about me. It’s about the one who gives me light & life on a minute by minute basis...it’s about Jesus.

Thank you for the post Jesmcd2...we all need to evaluate β€œme” on a very regular basis to stay β€œhealthy”.

Good question. I usually give the β€œby the book@ explanation and i see their eyes glaze over.

I wud love to know what others say 😁

Good post, Jesmcd2 I just tell tell 'ms' is and abbreviation for multiple sclerosis, an autoimmune condition, and I wait for them to ask more questions. They usually do. Keep Smiling :-D

If I say I have ms, they look at me and say oh, or right, and I know they don’t really want to know but if I say I fell off my horse, then I have a good conversation, nobody wants to listen to you complain, because until they have walked in your shoes they will never understand. πŸ€—

Hi Jes, good to meet you!😁❀️

1st I say:

-A neurological condition.

If they ask for more information then I give them more.


Ick, I’m moving soon and dread the wtf is our neighbors name again? convos with my fam. I just call everyone Kyle πŸ˜‘

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🀣😭🀣 Everyone is George! 🀣😭🀣 OMG! 😭🀣😭

MS, MS is my daily challenge. I never know what each day, week, month, even year will bring. It hurts, it weakens you but it makes you stronger. Daily tasks become a chore, what was fun, many now be funny. You realize simple tasks are no longer simple, but the new way you learn to do them, well that can be comical. Yes it can be frustrating, provoke you the anger, make you want to scream, make you ache like no amount of exercise ever did, make you curse more than you ever though you would. But you will find a new you, a simple you. What friends are real friends, who really cares.

MS allows you to find the fighter in you you never knew existed; allows you to deal with pain and struggles others can only imagine; allows you to truly understand what is important in life.


Many Secrets, Multiple Scans, Multiple Scars, Many Symptoms, Many Screams, Madly Silly...

Now, greaterexp , who's being m-silly? :-D

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A trainer with MS advocating exercise said MS is Move Something πŸ’ͺ🏻

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I could tell I'm what to move on a MS day!πŸ˜πŸ€£πŸ€—πŸ’•πŸŒ 

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You have to keep on moving. A body in motion...stays in motion. A body at rest...dies?

Fight with whatever it takes, eventually it will get better. But, you may really, really have to fight, as I did for years. A cane got me to the end of the block, barely. Then a few houses more, day after day. Years later, I'm counting steps 1000's. Under 10K, I'm sad, unless there is a good reason for it, like HOT, HOT, HOT, HUMID, HUMID, HUMID weather. Freezing weather, not problem, HOT & HUMID, Problem.

When I get asked what it's like to have MS I tell them to tie their 4 fingers together with a rubber band as tight as they can get it then try to do everything they normally do throughout the day. Then apply that all extremities. During that sentence, I've said "oh what's it called" 3 or four times & explain that's MS also. Sometimes they get it, sometimes they don't.

I am on liquid carefate and aubagio

Oh, what is MS...I forgot to answer 😬πŸ₯΄

I say: my immune system is confused and attacks my brain and spinal cord sometimes.

Thats a good one! I will have to write it down and hopefully not forget it!! 🀣🀣

This is a good one for kiddos too. V has eczema...her immune system is confused and attacks her skin sometimes.

In addition, a confused immune system can only handle so much, so if it’s busy fighting a cold, her eczema is going to flare (or my MS is going to flare).

I like simple!

For sure!

Because I’m now using either a walker or bioness (it’s hot here and sometimes I find I need both), I find it interesting that the people that ask me what happened are not my neighbors but the lawn service guys or the delivery people. I just answer MS and assume By there non-response that they don’t know but it takes too much energy to explain.

That was rhinestone cowboy I tried to post FYI βœ¨πŸ€ β˜€οΈβœ¨

if it is people i know i tell them "it is a disease of the brain,that explains alot":)

Hi Jesmcd2, welcome back!

When I was first diagnosed (2001) a counselor at NMSS told me ms stands for "more shit" so I usually go with that.😯

Hi Jes xxx r u in England all of a sudden? Lol xxxxx ❀️

I say MS means my body is confused and attacks the cells in my brain so parts of my brain don't talk to each other well, if at all. (MS in a nutshell.)

Yeah, that happens. Too much.

I like More Shit

I've had ms for MANY years. Names? Yeah, those are HARD these days. I struggle with my neighbors' names I talk to a lot. Figure that one out? I used to hold nearly my entire name and phone number list, as well as addresses, in my memory. Yeah, that's all gone. Thank got for the new fangled thing, a smart phone, because I'm no longer smart?

But, don't ever give up hope. I seem to have beat the ever worsening M.S. via years of DMT's, then diet. Now, I'm drug free (no not street drugs, scrips), though I now use medical cannabis to kill the night pains using

CBD's. And, I have gotten better! Besides no more relapses, I also lost the cane I could not walk without. Keep up the fight (against M.S)

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