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Saw Neuro today


Had a good appt today. I had bloodwork done after, and my next appt is in 6 months. When results are in, the neuro's office will call to discuss.

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What blood work , if you mind I ask?


Lymphocite count and I believe it was CBC for the other one. I'm on Tecfidera.

I am too. That's the typical blood work ordered. My last wbc count was 2.8 , which I thought was low but not for the neurologist?? ( I was an RN) But who am I to question?

God bless🙏


Mine was heading towards the low end by my neuro was fine with the numbers 8 months ago. Received one report back today and everything was good and in range. The other usually takes a little longer to receive.


Glad everything was good!

Glad you had a good appointment!

that's good news

Hope all of your results are good 🤗

bxrmom in reply to jimeka

Thanks, jimeka :)

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