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Itching a symptom of MS?


Hi all,

I’m just wondering if I have MS or liver disease and waiting to be diagnosed. So I can rule out MS, can anyone tell me if itching all over, including in ear canals, inside nose, and constantly is a symptom? I felt I have read that it tends to be more localised and only last a few hour max with MS?

hope you are all staying safe and thanks!


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It is for me, and I have read it is caused my the nervous system gone crazy.

the itch is called neuropathic itch.

I take gabapentin 3x's a day since taking it i haven't had any of the itching

By the way, a good anti-itch cream for dry skin (like Aveeno or other brand with oatmeal) helps me. I also use hydrocortisone cream when it is bad.

Walt46 in reply to agapepilgrim

Thank you for your response. I couldn’t use cream as I’m itching every inch of my body!

Ruadh in reply to Walt46

Absolutely agree. Itching is part and parcel of MS. Horrible. I get it all over as well, including in the nose. Aveena, no good. Check the ingredients. No way. Was recommended by a dermatologist, bought a range of products *without checking first on side effects. Threw the whole lot back to the pharmacy to get rid of !

Was hospitalised, and thankfully had a sane dermi. Baths in *chestnut powder added to warm bath water so could have a 'soak'. Worked. So, when you have a horrible bout of itching, soak in a bath of chestnut water ! Your ear canals might not like it, but... <g>

For me : Chestnut seems to keep the worst away. And for me : Head, hands, face, eye lids, ear lobes, lower arms, chest, abdomen and back are the worst affected. Horrible. Screaming hi-bee-jeebers !

Can get chestnut based body creams to use in between bath soaks. (I do not put c'nut on my eye lids nor down my ear canals - scratch instead !)

Hope this helps -

Walt46 in reply to Ruadh

Hi Riadah,

Thank you for the info! I’m willing to gives those things a go! My only concern that is that this may not be MS is down to the ga t I have had this itching 24/7 without a break for 3 weeks! Sometimes it’s bearable but 70% of the time it’s all I think about.

I’m prettified I have this for he rest of my life, let alone another week!!!

Hope you are ok as I feel for you


Ruadh in reply to Walt46

Thanks Walt 46 / and Andy, mine started Sept 2019, a whole week, maddening itching. Has been ongoing since. Some days not too bad, other days, a bit of a Ho-Hum. Chestnut helps. TG for sanity at the hospital.

Do not be petrified, you will find a way to control the itching, but pharma is probably not the answer - antihistamine does not seem to work, neither does the rest of the pharma menue - and the UNwanted side effects ! Much the best is alternative approaches. You might look for a really good fully qualified homeopathic consultant, or, a holistic practitioner.

Yes, for myself, am doing OK thank you.

Take care, go well -

agapepilgrim in reply to Walt46

Have you tried going to an allergist? Maybe it’s an allergy. I am on small dose of prednisone every other day to combat allergies that cause itching, sneezing, bronchitis

Yes, I wake up with bloody claw marks from scratching in my sleep! I take hydroxizine and use Sarna lotion.

It can be or some have histamine reactions to foods. An elimination diet could help with either one.

I can't even call what I go through "itching" it's more like weird stabbing, pin-pricks all over... and the sensation that a bug has run across my foot! Ugh! Awful stuff. I wish you peace & freedom from this, as I know how maddening it can be!

I get that from time to time too. The creepy crawlys are what get to me the most. Since I live in a National Forest I'm always checking to see if its a bug! Sometimes it is but usually just nerves.

I don’t know if what I experience is the same or not but with me it feels like so have bugs/ants inside of me & no amount of lotion helps! I take Benedryl but with me I have the opposite of what effect: it makes me hyper (Not tired) so I’m up for about 48 hrs. The good news? I no longer itch! And, yes I have MS. But, itching can be from a number of things which once you hav the proper testing your physician or Neurologist can determine what you have (And ruleout what you don’t have!) Good

Luck and keep me in the loop!

Walt46 in reply to Midnight-Blue

Hey, thank you for your response. Yes. I have these phantom ants it is horrible! Just wondering, when you did itch, was it constant 24/7 of just at night?

Midnight-Blue in reply to Walt46

Mine seemed to be worse at night (or more “noticeable!). During the day I seem to handle the itching better probably because I am more involved.

Whereas at night A bit depressed or something; more time to thinki.

Later my Friend!

Thank you for all your responses people, and I’m sorry for what you are going through.

I’ll keep an update on here as I’m searching for answers fast!

Stay safe,


the itch is called neuropathic itch it does not go away. It can be all over or part of your body

I take gabapentin 3x's a day for it

before taking gabapentin the itch was unbearable since taking it I dont have the itching

address this with your dr when u see them

My first sintom was when I hadn’t sensibility in the lips 👄, and after pain in the ear without equilibrio, and after not sensibility in the right hand, and after in the right eye 👁. All this maybe was solution after diagnóstico, with cortisona pills and infusion. And the really first of my sintom was in the lips 👄, without a diagnóstico . I was taking inyección of vitamina B, and after with MR and lumbar inyecttion was possible to see that it was MS.

And with all this I follow working , traveling.

Each person is different.

what worked for me I have ms. is selsun blue shampoo,I shower with it as soap,my dr told me about it.the big thing is I was taking amantadine for fatigue and my dr told me to stop taking it and i did and it went away


It could be so many things, so I'm glad you are being tested. I'm sorry that it sometimes takes a while to get answers, and that in the meantime, you are suffering.

Thank you for keeping us updated about how you're doing and what you discover.

Walt46 When did this start? Has anything changed recently? Laundry soap? soap? shampoo? medication? sometimes it could be something in a location that causes such a reaction. You should contact your phsician if you haven't already.

Keep us updated when you can. Good luck.

Hi all,

Thank you for your advice etc , much appreciated!

itching started 3 weeks ago and has been constant and in places like my nose and ear canal.

diet is the same and so is every other possible thing I use. I do see it’s a sign of fatty liver or worse cirrhosis so I’m swaying toward that I think.

I’m sure I have neorolohical issues based on blurred vision and confusion so maybe linked or maybe not. Going to be a long road ahead whatever I imagine 😕

I itch all over. I have metal back scratcher and my back stays red and cut up, but it helps, my ears stay red from scratching. Lotions help but if you go to bed with lotions then your sheets get gooey,

My itchy spot is the bottoms of my feet! It's terrible when you're driving and all of a sudden... ARGH!!!

This is it, everyone has itching in one area and not constant like I do! Though I will say, the only place o don’t have it is the bottom of my feet! Give me pain, but don’t let me itch it’s bloody horrible!

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