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Unnumbered Post I can not and will not 24 Mar 2020

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I can not will not and should not give "YOU specific advice. I am not qualified for that and it is unfair of me to behave like I am. I do reply to people specifically, BUT will try to make my comments general enough for the group. With this in mind if I do not reply to "YOU" individually, but reply to your query in a group setting this is why.

I am not ignoring "YOU", I feel it is something I should not answer in anything but a group setting. A great deal of ms, "YOU" have to take in a lot of information and create your own answer.

Royce (Your ms writer)

being as honest as I can

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You sound like Dr Seuss🤣🤣🤣 Good idea

thanks, I think

Compliment and funny

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Your posts and writings are great 👍.

I hope we give back to you also.....

I can’t annunciate like you.



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RoyceNewton in reply to Hidden

es, most certainly everybody who says something back to me gives bacK.


ha ha

I think you do a lot of good. You tell it like it is & that's what people need to hear, especially the newly diagnosed. No need to sugar coat things because eventually, they will find out the truth the hard way. Keep writing, its not only good for the reader but also good for the writer.

You have no idea how good it is for the writer :-)

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