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Long ago, I was told by an ms Queensland (Australia) representative that suicide was not an issue for people with ms. I thought she was wrong then, and I still think that. ms in all its forms is with us forever, that means until we die with it. A very long time for some of us. It does not have to be debilitating and scary. Yes, it is unknowable at the moment. Where did it come from? How did I get it? How can I make it go away? These are all questions we want to know but can get no answer too. An excellent reason to cry, in my opinion, but one day those tears must slow down. Start doing some research into what "YOU" can do to slow your disease progression. Then start doing it. Keep notes, track your progress on everything and make an effort to better yourself constantly. "YOU" my ms sibling are not alone. There is a family out there, "YOU" are in a tribe. A very quirky and sometimes cantankerous one, but they are mentally at least there for "YOU". Scared of something ask about it. Achieved a great goal, say it loud. Somebody will read it and be impressed. Who knows, perhaps it will give somebody some hope. They did maybe I can do that as well. "YOU" are not alone, "YOU" have a tribe a family. Please make use of it and never let yourself be alone and lonely.

ms is big disease, it affects your brain and body. It hurts sometimes, embarrasses "YOU" a lot, but these are all things that "YOU" can get through. Not everything requires a pill. Sometimes understanding what is happening in your body helps immensely. Do your research and keep doing it. Make yourself the expert on your ms. They say no two peoples ms is the same. Whyever would "YOU" expect anybody to be an expert on yours if "YOU" can not be?

Sisters and brothers, I wish "YOU" the best for 2020. May it be long ,boring and uneventful. If it can not be, then just be something that "YOU" cope with.

Royce (the ms writer)

see you in 2020

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Very sobering but necessary post, Royce. I just live my life, one day at a time, the best that I can, and adapt, adapt, adapt, both physically and mentally. That's all that I can do. Keep Smiling :-D

that is about all we can do

well said are so good at putting it down on paper to help others ...have a wonderful and even better New Year ahead may it be filled with lots of love and much more happiness than you want but will be so fun....

merely express my feelings and try hard to be polite, sometimes

i just think your posts are true to what is going on with us with this Monster in us (ms) is my monster help lots of people deal with it ...thank you again....

my pleasure and thank you for your kind words

Cheers to a "boring" MS years in 2020! :)

RoyceNewton in reply to DM0329


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