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Post 576 this is not a battle 17 Dec 2019


My Relapsing-Remitting life is not a battle, in my opinion. A battle takes meticulous planning, preparation of logistical asset management. I was thrown into this adventure with a nod, and this is your problem now. Beta was my only option. There was no cunning, sneaky maneuvering. There was only, "you have relapsing-Remitting ms (RRms), good luck and goodbye." No, in battle, there is preparation. With my diagnosis (Dx) of Relapsing-Remitting ms (RRms) there was no preparation, I like "YOU" are essentially on our own. Thrown in the cauldron of fire with the best of wishes but really on our own.

Not really on our own, I have "YOU" all of "YOU, and "YOU" have me. Perhaps not perfect for a cry on the shoulder or a deep comforting hug. She who must be obeyed is not exactly game for me travelling the world and hugging strange people, but "YOU" know what I mean. To some, this is a battle, in battles there are losers. I"YOU" and I have an incurable chronic progressive illness. Our prognosis is that we will not win. I do not accept that so RRms to me is never a battle. A show of strength, resilience and bravery perhaps but never a battle. I will try my best never to use that word. Manage and manipulate I can, battle I can not. I will trick RRms into doing things my way. Sometimes I can, sometimes not. I might suggest "YOU" try this as well. Forty or fifty years in battle is too much for me. If "YOU" believe "YOU" can fight for that long, more power to "YOU". I will choose my words carefully and I will take my next step on my ms life journey. When I have to fight, I will, but a lifelong battle where I am guaranteed to lose. Not for me, I can trick and sneak my way through this ms life, might "YOU" care to join me?

Royce, the ms writer

The first step, the strongest medicine that I can tolerate and lay my hands on, oh yeah protective underwear

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That’s awesome !

RoyceNewton in reply to Tracelr

thank you very much for saying so

Your still knocking them out of the park Royce. Another great post.


thank you and merry kiss moose

Same to ya and happy kiss moose and a happy New Years to you.



stay strong for we all need your writing to feel the pleasure of coping with this monster i call it that for it is hard on us but you help us deal with it..thank you for all of your hard work it ...take care and don't burn yourself out to entertain us ..

the aim is not to bore everybody to much or upset too many people in one go. Merry kiss moose and a boring new year

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