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Post 543 Are YOU happy and content today? 14 Oct 2019

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Are "YOU" Happy and content today?. With your life, with your disease progression? Your relationships? If not, why not, and what can you do to change your circumstances? Surely there is something that "YOU" can do. Make yourself an active participant in your life. Not somebody who life just happens too. In Fifty years "YOU" will look back and say what was it all for? What did I accomplish? Do "YOU" feel that is any way to live your life? We all are here to learn, to achieve something. What it is precisely for "YOU" I do not know, yet I will bet that if "YOU" sit down and think real hard a purpose may come to "YOU."

I can assure "YOU" that having a purpose makes every day so much easier. A reason to achieve no matter how insignificant, makes getting out of bed so much better. Find your happiness in the simplest of things. Do not compare yourself to others. Make every effort to create the best "YOU" that has ever existed. When "YOU", think "YOU have done a beautiful job, knock it all down and start again. There can be happiness and purpose in this life. It is your responsibility to find it and make it work for "YOU". Nobody else, merely "YOU" Do "YOU" think that is something "YOU" can work towards achieving? Do not plan hard for a sixty-year goal. Make little ones that be changed. ms is a sickness that may change without notice, having small goals that can be modified or deleted is the way to go. Being a little vague gives "YOU" wiggle room if and when ms misbehaves. It will, over the years, give yourself options. That is the nature of our life with ms, that we all live.

So, having said all that are you happy today? I think I will go take a nap and talk to my joint dog.

Royce (the ms writer)

as content as I can be today, I think tomorrow might be even better

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It is the usual roller coaster of emotions. Most days I am content and often happy to have as much ability as I still do. However, some days I have a quick pity party and am frustrated by what I can longer do; run, exercise at higher intensity, exercise at lower intensity for very long, or feel my feet and other parts of my body as I used to do. At these times it also makes me worry about my future and how long I will still have the abilities I have and be able to work.

During the down times I try to think of all the positives in my life outside of my MS as a reminder there is more to me than my MS. I have wonderful family and friends, a good job (for as long as I get to do it and even recently started a second job that is not very physical as a back up) and the ability to help others.

Doing something for others always makes me feel better. That is probably one of the reasons you write your daily blog 😁

Not really happy no. I have so much to do. I’m content though. I’ll be happy in two months when I’ve finished everything going on right now.

sounds like a good goal to me, good luck


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"That is the nature of our life with ms, that we all live". And I would add one word at the end of that sentence and that would be "well". Wonderful thought provoking post, Royce :-D

live well I like that

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