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Neuro follow up for headaches today and my Neuro is leaving


Had my 3 month follow up and all is good on the medical front for my headaches, they are doing MUCH better after adding 3 (10mg) pills of Nortriptyline at night time. After all was discussed with my neuro, he said come back in 6 months and he won't be there...he was just there temporarily! WHAT! I had no idea! I couldn't schedule with the new neuro yet because her schedule wasn't straightened out yet. I will be calling in a few months to hopefully set up an appt with her. When I FINALLY find a neuro I like, he was there temporarily and is leaving! Ugghh! He was the 3rd neuro here in MI that I have seen and I will be going to the 4th one in 6 months :(


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Doesn’t that figure you find one a nd they move on. That happened to me mine moved from Massachusetts to California he tapped my ROLLATOR and said I guess you won’t need that anymore and said what he said another patient said of your leaving I must be cured and I laughed and said if only it was so easy.

Good luck to you!!

bxrmom in reply to Hidden

Thanks sandra. I think I'm going to call the office tomorrow for the heck of it to see if that new neuro has her schedule set up. You never know.


If he is staying local you can try to look up his new location. He wouldn't have been able to say where he was going locally as it would be patient stealing. Of course his new practice would have to accept your insurance.

bxrmom in reply to ahrogers

All he said was that he was only there temporarily, so I don't know if that is what he does or if he is going onto his own practice.

ahrogers in reply to bxrmom

Worth googling him in a couple months in case he had a no compete clause and couldn't tell you he would be available close by 😁😁 unless of course you like the replacement better.

Glad to hear the headaches are better, and not so glad that a neuro you like and trust is leaving. I've managed to see 7 neurologists in my 8 year journey with MS. Only one of them appeared interested in me and in that case, I was the one who moved. Wouldn't it be nice if...?

Sounds like a difficult situation to "break in" a new neuro, but sometimes a different perspective might turn out to be better than expected. Hoping and wishing the best for you. :-)

So glad that your headaches are doing better. I was in nortriptyline for many years. Last year I was switched to one of the new migraine prevention injectables.

Sorry about your neuro leaving. My neurologist is up in age and I'm dreading the day that he retires.

bxrmom in reply to Iona60

I keep seeing the commercials for one of the injectable migraine medication but then they list the side effects and that scares the crap out of me :(


Iona60 in reply to bxrmom

The ones that I am referring to have minimal to no side effects. Check ajovy and amovig. I don't even get any injection site reaction.

Good luck with the new nuero. I was very lucky finding mine. He was new when I was directed to him. That was in 2010 and I'm still with him. Finding a good nuero can be very taxing. Don't wait very long before you call the new nuero to make an appt. Hope it works out for ya.

bxrmom in reply to dailygrump40

I was going to call and see if she was taking appts yet but I forgot as I got busy with other things. I'm going to try and call tomorrow and see if the new neuro is taking appts yet


Nice to see your headaches will be better controlled, bxrmom...migraines can make us want to stop the world and get off...but truly sorry to hear about your neuro, too...mine is up there in yrs...praying your new practitioner is a good fit for you and has your best interest at hand always ...blessings 🦋🌷

How frustrating! I hope the new one will be a happy surprise.

That's what I'm hoping. All I know, from what my Neuro said it's a woman. Never had a woman Neuro before except when I asked for a 2nd opinion on my dx. Fingers crossed.


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