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Pets and Global Warming - Interesting Read - It might affect MS too!


A third cause of global warming is about pet. According to New Zealand-based researchers Robert and Brenda Vale (CATHAL KELLY, feature writer The Toronto Stan) said that a great many household pets chew up more resources than a lot of cars. According to their figures, “feeding a medium-sized dog for a year has twice the environmental impact of driving a luxury SUV for 10,000 killometres”. It means that a dog’s food in a year is equal to a person’s food consumption. Vale said that “if a person want a big dog, maybe he or she should be a vegetarian and take the bus” (Brenda Vale from The Toronto Stan). This cause is related to the second cause eating meat. Some pets only eat meat, so it is impossible that let those pets be vegetarians. Therefore, Vale advices that people should limit themselves to eco-friendly, vegetarian pets, like hamsters or rabbits (Brenda Vale). So people can image that pet’s food consumption is an amazing.

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Brenda Vale is no fun.

I remember when there was a concern about cow farts. They look innocent,but they are here to destroy the

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I saw that too. Since cows are vegetarians maybe we should have those as pets to cuddle up with. 😁 ya right! I rather have a horse...also vegetarian...and a large dog...a really big one!😁😁


Who cares Supremo ? We are all animal lovers here and appreciate there unconditional love. Maybe you should take a trip back to your own universe 🤬 Ken

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I agree with you Ken, my dogs ( three of them) give me a lot of companionship, comfort, and unconditional love.

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Hey BDStein

We’ve interacted on Quora.😎

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I'm sorry but I don't know what Quora is.

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Yeah, I'm sorry. I can't find you there.

But somewhere we have chatted.

Somewhere! Damn! I can't remember.

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Well, I don't know what time it is where you are but here it is 12:50 am, my wife is out town, the house is quit, my dog's are sleeping and it time for me to do the same. You have a good day/night.

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Yess. Please.

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Oh it's Bill Stein. I'm sorry.

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My first name isn't Bill and my last name isn't Stein.

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Yeah, I know.

I mistook you for him.

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Sorry, but I cannot see even the remotest of connections with the content pf this post and how it "might affect MS too". It also reads like a second rate translation of some website from Chinese to Chingrish! Global warming is a real issue, but it's caused by much more complex problems created by humans than keeping pets that eat meat (or cow farts..................)

And a warning - a nearly 20 year old scaremongering story about aspartame causing MS and other auto-immune conditions appears to be doing the rounds yet again (sigh.......). If someone sends it to you or posts it somewhere, PLEASE don't start re-posting it or thinking that it has any basis in fact - it's pure BS.

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