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RRms is not a sprint​.


Relapsing-Remitting ms(RRms) is not a sprint. I am in my 20th year and it still confounds me at times. She who must be obeyed is in her 23rd year and some of the things that she encounters amazes me, how she manages to get out of bed in the morning, yet alone function.

We are not on a race with a finish; line and cheering crowds. We all are in a marathon. Very few ever notice the struggles the daily adversity that we may go through. Do not expect others to even notice some things. These are our obstacles, our hurdles to conquer. Accept your victories, no matter how small or insignificant they may appear to others. Cherish them, hold them close and remember that "YOU" did that. Not me, not your spouse or children. "YOU" yes "YOU" When "YOU" have your moments of doubt and fear, lust look back ar what "YOU" have achieved, Stoke your internal fire a little and press on. As slowly as "YOU" want, just take another step on your very long Relapsing Remitting ms (RRms) journey. It will be very long, 20 years so far. The end is really not to be yearned for. It is how "YOU" travel, the, quality of your journey and what "YOU" leave behind for those who follow us to learn from, to make the next persons journey a little easier.

I am not a doctor or scientist of any sort, but if I can ease one person's fears on one day, I will have achieved. If "YOU" can do that for one child or grandchild then your life and your sufferings have had meaning. A cure for me is not that important. To make a complete strangers journey a little less daunting is a goal that I can be proud of and so can "YOU".


it is never about me it is always about "YOU" whoever "YOU are.

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SPRINT Royce Sprint. Spell check better

Yeap. Agreed. Whether we like it or not, MS creates a new "us" and we better be open and take the time to like this new person we've become.

It is amazing how MS has entered my life and threw EVERYTHING in it around. Since my DX 9 months ago I've learned SO much not just about MS, but about ME personally. Spending SO much of my time trying to "listen" to my body/brain was/is so exhausting but, I'm getting to know the vocab and the tics. If MS wasn't so expensive (for me) I think it seems to be the thing, that shakes me/screams at me "Pay Attention To Yourself!".

I never realized how low, I put myself on my list of things that are important to focus on. I'm always more concerned about others in my life (they all hate the new me - she says NO).

PS: As always RoyceNewton thanks for this!

Believe me on this one Juliew caring about others more thsn yourself is normal, just remember not taking a little time on YOU will end up hurting them bigtime and ms changes constantly, what works today might not work tomorrow.

It may have taken MS for me to learn that valuable lesson and, to not feel guilty about focusing only on me. No DR has pointed this out to me, they only seem interested in tests, not so much the psyche.

Well my Neurologist did ask me last week, right after what color of shirt I had worn the day before (took me a few minutes) so the HE aked what was the last "Fun" thing I had done, and I had NO answer.

It was a confusing question at that moment and have been thinking about it ever since.

u should work on that answer

Thank you for easing my concerns with this unpredictable disease process...it is so important to never stop giving back to society...this gives our lives more meaning and purpose...making each day count...wonderful post, RoyceNewton!! 🦋

Thank you my pleasure

You did it again glad you are here to open those doors.

RoyceNewton in reply to ssdw1958

thank you very much

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