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Just had to brag a little!

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I am so proud of myself! There was only my husband and myself for Thanksgiving dinner this year and we had a feast. I have been cooking a little for several days, because I knew I would not have the energy to do it all on one day. I made turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, 24 hour fruit salad, pumpkin roll and Parker House rolls. It was delicious and my Husband loved it! Just goes to show with a little planning we MSers can do more than we think! Happy Thanksgiving to my adopted family - no one else would appreciate this post!

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Good for you!

Well done Sue, it sounds delicious. Pleased that it all turned out. Now your husband expects the same, Christmas Day! 😂

Good job, Sue, yep only us family members here could appreciate post!💞😘🌷🌸🌺👍🍁🌻🌼Ur right!!😘 Love Ya! Glad u two had fun, we went out to eat, I had Broiled Salmon (Sockeye wild caught) of course, we went to a Turkey-day buffet, it was delicious, i got to pick out what i wanted & brought my medicinal-seasoningsi.e. tumeric, garlic, parsley, & cayenne!! Yummy! No inflamations nor attacks yet, So, i think i will be okay!👍🌼😄😃😀😍Love Ya!💞---Jazzy🌹💜

there you are! you should be proud! Now if or when your husband should suggest you do the same for Christmas, simply tell him you love duets and suggest he help you create your feast. Having ms is also learning how to ask for help, when needed or wanted. You did good.

Good job 👏 my husband made dinner for our son who is 21 years old. He has a cold. But not that bad just don’t want him to touch the food if you know what I mean.

Oh I said to my husband as we were having a piece of pie. Guess what we didn’t have the stuffing and my husband looked on the stove and said oh yea that’s what is in that pan! Oh well will have it tomorrow.

Happy turkey day!

Sounds Great 👍. That’s what Jody and I did was couple days prep work makes it so much more enjoyable 🙏. We had family over and things went great 👍 everyone helped clean up and put everything away so that was great. Just can’t do it all in one day anymore. 🙏🐾 Ken

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Fantastic job, I agree it sounds like you enjoyed it more as the anticipation increased. :-)

SueAB Well done! A very good strategy for all of us who are sometimes tempted to overdo! When it comes time to start the garden this year, I will think of your perfect Thanksgiving dinner.

That's marvelous and an inspiration! I hope you enjoyed your great meal!

I made the mistake of cooking for 20 adults. We have recently moved into my new house we built. So besides unpacking and cleaning i cooked. I will never make that mistake again. Glad yours worked out for you.

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With a little planning, anything can be accomplished ~ even if you have ‘ms’ :-D

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