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Foot Drop, shoe suggestions?

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Hi all,m I have foot drop, right side, and MS with polyneuropathy of course. I need your suggestions for shoes with minimal height soles. I am looking into different types of shoes, tennies or slip ons. Thanks for your suggestions.

15 Replies
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Hi mudd391 welcome to the family!☺️ I have foot drop in both feet, and have to wear braces. So I stick with my Sketchers. They fit my braces, and have a great tread that lasts. And they don't blow out!

They are high tho. So it's a trade off.

If you're in a brace, or going to get one? Talk to Kenu he knows which brace to get. In going with his next time!🤣😂

Good luck🤗💕


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I have worn Clarks for years - a little pricey, but well worth it.

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Welcome I found Sketchers to be a really good shoe because they are light and extremely comfortable. You can find them in Costco, Marshall's, and Ross for cheap but if you got to the Sketchers store they are high. I just get them Ross and Costco and I buy several pair at a time in different styles.

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I have my second TurboMed foot brace and love them👍. They go on the outside of your shoes 👞 so it makes it almost limitless for any style you choose to wear 🙏. My first one I was on commercial insurance and cost me $80.00 and the second one on Medicare and cost me $92.00👍. I had my PCP write an order for it and took it to orthotics specialist that ordered it for me. He did the adjustments and it comes with 5 👟 clips. Because of the first one I now have 10 pairs of shoes ready to wear👍🙏 The clips are pretty easy to change . Now I have a spare just in case 👍. Hope this helps. 😉🐾 Ken

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mudd391 in reply to Kenu

Thanks Kenu, I'm gonna check into these. I have a Bioness L300 but that hurts to use for extended periods of time, something like this external AFO is what I may need!


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AngieRowe in reply to mudd391

Mudd391 I also have turoMed and I love it. I mostly use new balance shoes, as suggested by ortho specialist, I got PCP to order and had specialist order and adjust. I don’t think I paid any thing for brace, I have Medicare and secondary. I had prior brace made for me from same specialist, it fits inside shoe, I hate it b/c it irritates my foot.

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Hi mudd391 ! I have foot drop once in awhile when I'm really tired. I don't wear a brace for it so my experience may not be helpful to you.

More problematic for me when walking is neuropathy in my lower legs and feet plus wonky balance. Consequently I have worn nothing but flat shoes forever. I stay away from the higher soles because I tend to trip in them. I also much prefer laces over slip ons because laced shoes stay on my feet better. I don't like slip ons when I'm walking around anything with changes in elevation, like in downtown Seattle, because my toes get jammed in the front of the shoe. I very seldom wear sandals for similar reasons and then only wear ones that aren't open-toed. My favorite shoes are actually high-topped sneakers that lace up. They give me great stability and ankle support. They are very cute too even if its funny to see someone my age in them.

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Hi mudd391! I too have foot drop on my right side. I use the FootScientic ankle brace. There’s a cord that attaches from the brace to hooks you insert in the lace holes of your shoes. I find it works very well. It raises the front of my foot so I’m not catching it and falling. I can easily adjust it when necessary. Good luck and please share what you choose as we can all learn from each other.

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Hello mudd391

Doesn't it seem that every time that you find something that works for you is suddenly discontinued? That is the way that it is for me anyway. For my preferred footwear, I am using E360 Easy Spirit slip on that is a sneaker of sorts but with elastic laces. It works for me as the EEE size fits nicely over my AFO, and the lack of laces, prevents me from walking out of them. They were discontinued a few years ago, and I bought 3 pairs back then. I have yet to need to buy more and I shudder at the thought of finding suitable replacements. Also, it is not the type of footwear that you can accessorize easily, so I am mostly in black stretch (think yoga) pants and long tunics. But that's just me.

It's interesting to see what others are doing w/r/t footwear.

Keep Smiling and Stay Strong,

Carole :-D

Mudd391, it's Fancy. The absolutely most amazing device I have ever saw about helping with with drop was involving a walker. Do you use a walker when you walk for stability? If you do this gentleman I know that goes to many of the doctor's office education classes that we have monthly a bungee type device setup and attached to his walker that every time his walker moved forward a certain distance the Bungie helped pick his foot up and thus prevented the foot drag we all hate and that causes us to fall flat on our face because of the stomach. I simply stood there in Fascination as I watched the Bungie help to pick the gentlemen's foot up and keep his gait smooth and normal. If I can find out more information about this walking Aid I will let you know. Remember together we are stronger! Fancy.

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my favorite for lift and balance is Brooks Transcend. they are expensive, but its my full shoe wardrobe( one pair at a time) and they last well

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mudd391 in reply to eharoot

I looked at this online, wondering if you have any issues with the sole height? That seems to be my issue.

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eharoot in reply to mudd391

I'm not sure exactly what you're meaning. I don't think I do

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My AFO's are made by an orthopedic dr. He casts your leg for a mold to cast the AFO to. I'm oon my second pair. I've never had anything else. I've looked at other brands but any dr in my area swears by him.

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I use an AFO called a Blue Rocker available at Cornel Orthotics in Peabody, MA tel #978-977-0772. It works great for me. Good luck.

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