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Single mom, it's hard 2 keep up.

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I'm a single mom for two boys ages 8 and 10. I'm already on SSD. It's so emotionally, physically and financially overwhelming. My credit is bad due to medical billy, putting food on the table while also keeping up with clothing for their growing bodies plus household needs is SOOO hard, I just can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I know something must be out there to assist. What resources are out there to help me through this? Thank you in advance for your tips.

25 Replies
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Lovely family you have👍🏼. I pretty sure MSAA has a grant assistance if you need help with certain things like financial and other things) MYMSAA. Good luck!!

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Thank you. I was on the phone with them earlier. They gave me a few places to call and referred me to this site, to see if members have other ideas, and so I can find a place to share and vent. I'm glad I've joined.

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A very warm welcome home here to the bestest , most greatest MSer Warrior Family on the web! Here you are welcome to vent, get encouragment & much Love!💗❤💐 & what a beautiful family you have!😃😍 Blessings & always remember your family too!🙏--Jazzy🌹💜

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Thank you.

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Call MS One On One @ 1-855-676-6326 and they will assign you an advisor that can help you through this👍. You’re kids are cute 👍 and you too😊. Good luck and look forward to hearing from you 😉👍🙏🐾. Ken

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Thank you Kenu. The MS One to One can't help me because I'm on disability and it's considered government assistance, therefore, it's not an option for me.

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Kenu in reply to La-Morena11

What type of help are you looking for? 🐾. Ken

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GM. I need help with paying medical bills and rent.

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Hi La-Morena11 welcome to the family, although I wish it was under different circumstances.

You have a beautiful family!!! 💕 I understand what you're going through. I was a single mom to 3 girls. So I know what it's like to rob Peter to pay Paul. And there were days when you feel like it's never gonna end.

Hang in there my friend! Your boys will give you strength!

Here are some sites you can check out if you haven't already.

Also see if your church can help. Or if there is a local food Bank in your area. It's ok to ask for help. 🤗💕


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La-Morena11 in reply to Jesmcd2

Thank Jes. I've called Catholic Charities, I'm being screened for assistance with them. Thank you so much!

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Welcome ☺️ This journey can be very very overwhelming and you have a lot on your table raising those handsome boys. I'm so glad you found this site early on your walk. The assistance may be worth looking into. They offer assistance with copays insurance reimbursement and related transportation costs. Hope it helps ☺️All the best in your research. Stay connected. Remember to take care of you. Because those little boys need Mommy to stay strong ☺️🙏☺️

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Welcome to the family! Bump this post in a few days if others don’t respond, I know there are tips in this group.

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Welcome to the group. You have a beautiful family. You might want to check out WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) if you qualify they can help you with the grocery bills. Other than that, sorry I don't have any other suggestions that others haven't already given.

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La-Morena11 in reply to Peruzzot

Thank you for the recommendation. Unfortunately, I don't qualify. But again, thank you.

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Hi @La-Morena11, I am also on SSD. My copays and out of pockets and low income from SSD has also put me in a tough spot. Have you looked in to the Medicare extra help and state assistance? Once I had less than a certain amount in my account I was able to apply. Once doing so The SSD application also asked me if I wanted them to apply for state assistance through through human services. I know it varies from state to state. It helped by paying my Medicare fees and I recieved nutritional assistance for 6 months of last year until the increase of benefits went up and put me just barely over the allowance for that. It wasn't much for a single male but at the point where every little bit helps. Some also can receive more help for families. It also enrolled me into soonercare which is our states Medicaid program. Even though they are driving me up the wall right now, not all states are the same. I know in my particular case, my state does not fair out well for those whom end up in this position. I have read articles about how some are better than others. As much as it pained to have to travel this road, it comes down to nesessity until things get better.

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Agree very beautiful family and hope they give you the strength to go forward. I agree with assist fund for ypur copay.

Can you qualify for some food bank programs. With growing boys assume any extra food helps. I know a lot of churches or charitable organizations dont have any screening. I volunteered for one. Also a lot of churches or teligi po us organizations can help with clothes. They respect your dignity.

Can the local MS society refer you.

Keeping you in prayers. I know stress doesn't help. Keep the faith

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La-Morena11 in reply to Brindisi1

Thank you for response. I will certainly do that! I appreciate the information.

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You have a beautiful family! Your sons look just like you.

I'm glad you joined our group. I'm also happy you got some help from the


Best Regards,


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La-Morena11 in reply to lbenmaor

Thank you.

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lbenmaor in reply to La-Morena11

You're Welcome La-Morena11!

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Hi La-Morena11, so glad that you and your family found us! I hope you find the help you need, all suggestions given are great starting place.

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Hi La-Morena11 welcome, you do have 2 very handsome boys you are in my prayer book now. Remember we love ya & God loves you too & your boys. Sorry I don't have any tips for you as they have been covered, just wanted to say hi & welcome.

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Hi and Welcome! You have a beautiful family. ❤🌷

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La-Morene11 I feel for you I was on SSD & Medicare for 1 yr then went on Medicare only, I made more money working than SSD paid me & full Medicare complete is ok as long as I don't get sick. They are covering all my maintenance meds as long as I get them mail order. Hope things work out for you. IDEA! Check with Red Cross for clothes for your boys.

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