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Ear thing is it MS


Lately I have had this thing going on with my ear. It happens several times a day and lasts different lengths of time. I will try to explain it... it’s like nerve endings are moving inside. It doesn’t hurt it just feels weird. Only in one ear. I don’t know if this is MS related or something else is going on. It has been happening well over a month now. Anyone else experience this?

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Shingles feel that way a couple of days before the surface kind of feels like a hair or bugs crawling on you but nothing is there.

PattyCake2 I haven't had your experience, but all sound will sometimes just cut out in my left ear. It doesn't last long, maybe a few seconds, but it is weird...like back in the day of stereo speakers when one would suddenly cut out. I assume there is a hidden lesion somewhere that is responsible. Everything that happens to me, happens on the left side: foot drop is worse, knee is weaker, TGN occurs on the left side of my face, and the left eye was weakened by ON. So, I figure, why not the left ear? I wouldn't even know how to go about solving the mystery, so perhaps someone here will have ideas.

I'm not happy about your ear problem, but happy to know I'm not alone. 3 times now my right ear seems to clog up where I can't hear as well. However, sounds on tv, music seem to be penetrating my eardrum very hard. In addition, my right nostril is numb. It's going on as I write. I see ENT on Nov. 8 about it. It does feel like some nerve stuff is going on.

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