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I am truly blessed and filled with Joy!


Four months ago I spent my time working in my garden before it became hot. The mad rush to get as much done. I felt anxious and overwhelmed while sequestered in my home.

Yes! My son has been coming around to make sure I am doing things. He helped me in the garden. He fixed us Father’s Day dinner. Came home for my birthday to celebrate my b-day, but I was so sick; in beyond horrific pain. My neurologist was overly concerned about me that she gave me her cell number. We went to the movies where I fell asleep. We spent time talking while I was in bed. We went on a serious shopping spree. Spoiled me rotten!

Then going to Lake George NY because my husband says I need to get out the house even if I sleep in a bed that is not our own. So life goes on!

I am truly blssssz

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So happy for you. I too become a hermit in the summer and really the time I do go out I enjoy but when cooler weather arrives I am quite happy. 😀❤️

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